Shurbbear vs Hisan

I have Mnesseus and Belith. Im looking far another 3* green for tourneys. I have shurbbear and Hisan at the starting gate. which to work with i.e. start leveling while I work on Kingston in the big world


Hisan is way too squishy and needs to be put next to Gato against his own debuff, who has to fire first. Hisan is good for events and maybe for some attacks.

Shrubby is the tour master. Taunt is so strong.

But it won’t hurt to have both maxed. :innocent:

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They are both worth doing IMO, but bear first. Recently I even used bear in a war with and against 5*s and the taunt really saved the day and he didn’t even die. I emblemed him and he’s now a tank in current tournament, seems to be doing A-OK.

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In my honest opinion, both heroes are good and both are worth maxing. But I would focus on shrubbear first.
Good luck

I agree w/ @JGE both heroes are worth leveling.

@Olmor What do you mean about ‘his own debuff’ - hisan doesn’t debuff himself … ?

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You’re right.
Confounded with the Bunny.

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