Shuffle on start in Morlovia

I don’t know if this has been discussed recently but I recall it being discussed in threads on opening board tiles, which my search skills fail to conjure.

Twice in Morlovia I had a board with no moves and it shuffled and Ka-Pow! both times turned into a blast of 5+ combos.

Is this a new thing or was it just a coincidence that I’ve just never seen before.

While rare a board can start with no possible moves. When this happens it shuffles at the start if the game. This is not event specific.

Truely random is random lol

I’ve never seen a starting board that had immediate matches so not truely random, I would expect frequent starting boards with both no moves and with matches if truely random.

I assure you it is truely random. The mat involved makes this senario quite rare though. Due to the size if the board (7 horizontal tiles by 5 verticle) x 5 possible colors x only 3 tiles at the minimum to make a match/turn shows the size of options available and the rarity of starting a board with no moves. Just purely random an your luck.

I have had it happen multiple times prior to this event.

Alright, if you’ve had it happen before Morlovia it isn’t new, but it isn’t truely random if you and I have never gotten a starting board that has immediate match and fires off, yes different topic but random should have many matches immediately.

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