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Today I was fighting a titan and my board was shuffled because there were no more possible tile matches. However, I had 2 shields (don’t know how to call them, I’m referring to the special tiles coming out of matches of 4 tiles), so I guess the board should not be shuffled since I could explode them.
Irrelevant (maybe) note: guess I noticed that because I purposely created the special tiles on top of the titan weak spot, but they moved away after the shuffling, so I was pretty irritated by this thing…


For the reshuffling mechanic shields and diamonds don’t count, still not able to create a normal match without blowing them up and to me that’s a good thing. If I’ve created a diamond for a slow character and there’s only 6 more including the diamond of that color on the board I wouldn’t want to be forced to use it.

@Shenjairo ,
I do not agree for several reasons.
First of all, being forced to do something you would not do otherwise (like exploding the diamond you mentioned in your example) because the board sucks is part of the game. I can’t count how many times I matched 3 blue tiles on Kashhrek allowing him to heal himself because there was nothing else I could do, this is part of match-3 games mechanics, and I got over it a lot of time ago: if the board sucks you suck too, that’s life.
I think it is less compliant to the game mechanics and philosophy creating a shield in a strategic location and not being able to use it because automatic reshuffle puts it somewhere else, even if you could make it blow exactly where you wanted it to explode.
Finally, again in relation to your example, the diamond you want to save for a later use could still explode immediately after reshuffle because it is randomly placed next to 2 other tiles of the same color, so reshuffle doesn’t seem to me the best way to preserve your strategic plan.


We seem to disagree on this issue but since it’s a feature and not a bug it should probably belong in the Ideas and feature requests category.

Actually it is not my intention to change the developers mind on this matter if this the way they want it to work. I did think it was a bug and that’s why I put the post here, but if, as you say, this is a feature and not a bug that’s ok for me, at least now I know this rule I was unaware of

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This looks like a bug, shuffling is for when there are no actions possible, but blowing tiles is an action.

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I agree that this should be considered a bug. I’ve yet to encounter it but I know that the spring event (with the exploding eggs) brought some problems to the game where after no matches, shields or diamonds were available the board would still not reshuffle… It’s possible that in correcting this, the reshuffle mechanic broke and does so too often now.

I wanted to bump this topic up again.

Imo it is a bug as well because I see the auto-shuffle as a “last resort”, however popping a dragon or a diamond are possible and reasonable moves and imo the board should not reshuffle.

Is there any way to get a more official explanation of why the board reshuffles despite possible moves available (popping dragon or diamond) and the thoughts / reasoning behind this? @Petri


I second that. Even stupid autoplay pops dragons and diamonds. Developers’ response on this topic would be nice.

Bug for sure.
I’ve never seen it happen to me, but I would be as annoyed as the OP was if I was making an effort to set a shield or diamond where I wanted it and the board swept it away from me.

I think you misunderstood the OP’s issue. The diamond was already made but there was no other possible move left after making that diamond - besides popping the diamond.
The board however reshuffled, despite a possible move being there: popping the diamond.

It seems like the AI doesn’t count popping a dragon or diamond as a possible move and hence reshuffles which imo is a bug.

this is what I’m referring to

On the one hand when considering moves for autoplay the AI always triggers dragons and diamonds before anything else.

On the other hand the AI ignores these when determining whether a board needs to be shuffled.

We need some consistency here. This looks like a bug.

I totally agree that reshuffling condition should be changed.

If you create a bomb which is pointing the weak spot of the titan and in your next turn there is no possible matches (apart from popping the bomb) the game SHOULD NOT reshuffle the board.

Unfortunatelly the game considers that a board has to be reshuffled if there is no possible matches, but doesn’t consider popping a bomb or a diamond at all.

The change should be


  • There is at least 1 diamond present on the board
  • There is at least 1 bomb present on the board
  • At least 1 match can be done.


This seems to be deliberate to make Tornadoes, and Hurricanes, more prone to combos.

You manually decide when to use tornadoes/hurricanes, you can still use them if your only move is a dragon/diamond. The shuffle code would be unchanged, just the conditions to trigger it would change.

Slightly on topic, I just saw something new: a double shuffle. Stuck board, when shuffled, was still stuck, so another shuffle occurred immediately. It occurred to me that the board could have been checked before taking the time to display it.


Obviously no action has been taken on this matter.
Probably devs are busy with greater issues than this one.
I noticed it yesterday.
I had a bomb which was going to make a consequent match of opposite colors over enemy hero but the board got re-shuffled and everything felt apart.
It’s hard to spot this behavior if you don’t pay attention.

I also think it’s not intuitive to force re-shuffle when you still have things to do on the board. And that’s not because of that specific case.

So please devs, have a look and offer a solution to this issue (not a bug).

I had a bomb which can explode 2 puzzle of the color I stack against the tank but the board got reshuffled… fortunately I still won the raid…

It’s clear that the code do not consider every possible move but only consider possible match-3, the board will be reshuffled whenever there is nor possible match-3. It would have been easy to make extra code to check the presence of dragon/diamond puzzle… Could it actually be deliberate?

My board just did a shuffle with a diamond. Hehhe

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