Shrubbear not applying Taunt to allies

Using Shrubbear in the Raid Tournament today he only applied Taunt to himself, but according to him Special Skills, he is supposed to apply taunt to all allies.

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What do you mean by this?
“Taunt” is only on the caster, it WORKS FOR all allies, so the special is forced to the caster.
If taunt would be on all allies, you would have a random hit of the special, I think.


It is how it works.

He applies taunt on himself forcing enemy specials to target him instead. That is how he protects his team

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It is saying the “caster” gets taunt. Why do you think all heros get it?

Taunt on all allies… that’s a super great idea. Should be added to Obakan special to make him even more useless.

Shrubbear should not apply taunt to all allies, only himself. This makes me wonder, if he applies taunt to all allies, what is going to happen? Opponent can attack no one or can attack everyone?

Assuming 5 Shrubbears or BK oder QoH with taunt active: the opponent can chose a target, but as far as I remember similar discussions, the special hit then is random…
Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I have a BK-QoH-discussion about taunt in my mind.

All get hit since taunt attracts the special skill attack.


I tried all 3 in 8-4 (all special purple enemies to have many specials fired), not so easy to let the enemies alive, lol - only QoH is on 3/70, but she’s the hitter, all others on 1/1 - when AI targets and taunt is on at least 2, only 1 hero is hit/receives damage and it might be that it can be chosen. From AI specials I can’t tell if it’s random or not :smiley: but the order of the specials of my heroes has nothing to say.

Here’s the video, if someone’s interested in :slight_smile:

Edit: had to farm with this team, cause I didn’t switch back, lol. Worked…

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