As quickly promised Shrikewood was just introduced. Thanks again from a loyal player . This is going to give me two valuable Ascension items that I have been patiently waiting for a very long time. Tarlak,Let’s have some fun


awesome gift from them. Does that mean we’ll still see shrikewood on the regular schedule in a few days or will it be frostmarch? is this quest extra or early?


this was to be expected

Thanks for that info the message made it sound like this was a special because of the war problems ,Either way it’s all good

Since we normally dont have 3 regular quests open I believe a secomd Shrikewood will be incoming.

Or Maybe thats just wishfull thinking. :wink:

Provably no second Shrikewood. But the next quest should come anytime soon


Yesterday single pull - > Marjana, and today last tonic for Lianna… Fantastic :upside_down_face:


It would be Frostmarch. :thinking:

Hey… screw up AW any time if it means 3* and 4* ascension material. Love the trade off.

Thanks !


I can’t wait for Frostmarch I can do the final Ascension on Alasie.


Next will be Frostmarch. The schedule has just been brought earlier.

That’s exactly right, as was confirmed to the mods by @Sara. This is truly an extra Rare Quest and will not affect the timing of the next rare Quest. The next will be Frostmarch, keeping the cycle intact.


To be honest, more minor screw ups and updates from SG and they reward us with increased speed of rare quests is much appreciated with a side of gems and flasks.

More screw ups please. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It so happened I got a tonic from the Titan chest today also, so that’s 2 tonics, the ascension material the most rare so far to me, in a single day… that’s a good day! Thanks SG, indeed!

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Gloves is what is holding me back. But, any ascension items offered through rare quests are appreciated! Especially since now i have a team capable of beating the levels!

Frostmarch on Nov. 8? Isn’t that the 2nd Thursday? Does that mean we get Frostmarch AND Guardians on the same day?

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This is an estimated date and not a firm date. The time gap from one rare quest to another is estimated to be 7-10 days. 10 days is just stated as the latest date possible. Of course, SG might release it earlier.

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No, there is no need to change the calendar. @Sara clearly stated to the mods (PM) that this Shrikewood will not change the timing of when the next Rare Quest drops.


Ok, thanks, I appreciate the info.

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