Shrikewood Monsters' Names

The word “feral” refers to formerly domesticated animals that have gone wild. “Feral” wolves seems unlikely.

I might have a different experience,
In my family’s past wolfs were used as semi domesticated animals, not as pets, but as hunting animals. As recently as my grand father some of his dogs stil had wolfs blood in them. From what i undertant they will work with you, but never think that they are pets.
But i agree ferals wolfs are not really happening.
Have fun.


In the real world this might not be possible. However, the E&P universe is a fantasy world like the on in LOTR, Warcraft, and other films or games.

When sharks can die of low oxygen under water, there can also be feral wolves :wink:


My favorite logic flaw is the mermaids drowning. Game is full of flawed logic

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Lol. I chuckle myself…

Proteus, Meliá, Poseidon, all look like water /sea dwelling folks but they drown in the special stages due to no oxygen :joy:

They look very well equipped though. I can understand Awge who looks like a fish but his background pic has him ON LAND so yea he can drown under water lol

But indeed I chuckle :innocent:

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