Shrikewood help

I need advise on the final mission of Shrikewood. Bellow my attack line “for the most part all I have” is posted. The only real change I can make is switching out Hawk for Boldtusk who is only Lv 2/22. I guess what I need to know is what kind of shot do have beating it? The second one I finished with my current line and no items. If I do have a shot what tactics and items should I use?

Btw I don’t currently need the ascension items but I know how important it is to get now. I would just give it a go but 20 energy is a LOT to me because I play on a small budget.

You should run 2 reds and no blue for shrikewood. Not sure what you have on hand, but the last level will be very difficult with heroes of that low ascension. Bring any direct damage battle items you have - dragon attacks, bomb attacks, arrow attacks - to help kill the final bosses.


Thank you for your reply. I only have Boldtusk as a replacement For blue. Is that what I should do? I understand you said it will be difficult with what I have but is it doable?

give it a whirl. good thing about world energy is that it’s free.


Very true and I just might. I guess the conflict of interest is I would rather use that 20 energy on regular missions for the exp. alone then waste it. Not to mention the recruits, “in down to zero” the mats and the possible troop. Then again I do want to see how my line is doing and I love a challenge.

You really need some kind of miracle.
Try it, but don’t bother to repeat it.

I don’t know, I think you should be able to make a really good attempt with the team you posted. While I agree that doubling red will help, I can say that I used a rainbow team the whole way and had no trouble. But as insurance, battle items like arrows, axes, etc. will help.

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Yeah I beat it. Thought I through 20 energy way because I accidentally started it before I switched out my items lol. I went in with small and medium healing potions and mana potions. Very time consuming but really wasn’t that hard. With hawk and Boldtusk healing and boosting it really wasn’t to bad. I thought it would be the boss from the second one but strong enough to one hit everyone since it was two smaller ones it was doable.


Congratulations on a job well done.


Thank you for that. I think for now on I’m going to encourage players to go for it if they are somewhat close to the suggested team power. If it wasn’t for @Wharflord s advice and @Dante2377 f it approach I probably wouldn’t of tried it. Thanks everyone.