Shrikewood help please

Barely made it through the 4th stage due to losing Hawkmoon early when I had the health pots to keep her alive.

Scarlett 3/60, Kelile 2/37, Azar 3/37, Hawkmoon 3/19 and Bane 3/50+10.

Can anyone give me advice on switching out for the final level and what items to use? I don’t have dragons yet.

Other characters are Valen 3/50+11, Balthazar 3/50, Kalilani 3/31(Skill 7), Shaarkot 3/40.

I’m currently considering switching out Bane for Kailani and bringing small health, small mana, axes and bombs

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Kalilani could be very helpful.

Using Valen over Kelile may be helpful.

You are hoping for heavy red boards that is tough to hope for.

I may try Scarlett, Valen, Azar, Kalilani, Hawkmoon

Just my 2 cents


Kelile is doing a lot more damage and is tougher than Azar. You think the mana reduction is worth it?

Thanks for you advice @King_Nothing

Kelile is a bit squishy even when maxed.

You can sub Azar instead. You have been using the team so you know who has out performed who.

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Thanks again!

20 characters

anytime, you may get a couple different opinions which is always good.

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Probably not going to try again till this evening. Should give me time to level up Hawkmoon a bit.

I’m impressed you made it through stage 4 after loosing your healer early! Just finished the last stage and it was hard, at least for me. Went in with Elkanen 2/60, Leonidas 2/60, Kunchen 2/60, Boldtusk 3/50 and Kelile 3/55; on top of that plain (medium?) health potions, minor mana potions, arrows and dragons. Came out on top with only Leonidas standing shaking in his shoes at 15hp…

I had pretty average boards, but my guys felt paper thin.

Do you have a lot of world energy to spare? Maybe try Balthazar or Valen instead of Azar? Balthazar at least doing average tile damage but if I’m not remembering it wrong more squishy than Valen…

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Balthazar is definitely more squishy than Valen. Particularly with Valen’s revive. The defense reduction has helped me a lot in the past, didn’t think to bring him because of the all green, but relying on red tiles was tough. Congrats on making it through @Kitten

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Thanks mate! Then I would say go with Valen. And bring as many health potions as are allowed… you said you thought to bring minor ones - can you make the medium ones? I used everyone of those I brought, and had two healers.

Any which way, best of luck!

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most of mobs and bossed are green, so consider strong colour against it which is red. If you are lucky enough I’d try 3+2, Scarlet , Kelile + Howkmoon + Kailani + Bane (or any other maxed 3*), take small and big mana portions and big and small heal portions. Main goal to keep howkmoon loaded all time. Kailani will max defence and double yellow should give extra tile damage.

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VAlen is good, but blue is weak colour against GREEN shrikewood


Do you have other mana pots. If I were yu I would ditch the health lots for more mana.

The idea is that yu try to stay healed with your healer and if you need to heal someone you use the mana potions.

My fear is you may not have enough defense on your team. Spirit link+hawk moon+3 more reds isn’t a bad strategy either. Yu would be gambling but if you got the right final board set up you could do some major damage. Spirit link just to help spread out damage obviously

Sorry for the rambling

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Your enemies are all green, so I’d favor as many reads as you can bring, and shy away from blues. So even though Valen is one of your strong heroes in a vacuum, I think he’s benched for this one.

I like Kailani a lot for this one. She’ll boost your defense and survivability considerably. I also think there’s nice synergy between her and Hawkmoon (really, any healer), since, with Spirit Link on, you’ll be taking damage across the board rather than concentrated in a single spot. That is, when Hawkmoon fires you’ll get more hit points back if each hero is down 100 than if only a single hero were down 500.

I’m torn between then stacking up your four reds, or sitting one of them for Bane, who is stronger than a few of them. Tough call. I’m slightly leaning Bane because he’s more durable, possibly hits harder (hard to say without seeing the cards), and, it would be hugely beneficial if anyone misses while under his blind. As for who to sit if you go that route, whoever of Kelile and Azar does weaker tile damage.


I agree with your strategy. The good thing is that you don’t need antidotes for these bosses. It seems clear you need healing potions - Hawkmoon probably can’t do it by herself. Mana is a must, to fire specials at the best time. And then your best weapons - sounds like that’s axes and bombs.

Honestly, I think you’re underpowered and will need some good fortune. It’s a bit hard for me to guess, but are we talking about a team power around 2500 here? I’m sure you’ll approach it with realistic expectations, and I give you props for trying. I prefer to gamble a bit myself. I suppose we all do. Best of luck!


I have plenty of small and med mana. Only one super. Currently thinking. Scarlett, Kelile, Hawkmoon, Bane and Kaliani with small and med mana, axes and bombs. Use the mana to get me to the end and finish them off with items if I have to. got about 1 1/2 hours to decide. If that doesn’t work I should have time to try atleast once more today. Also sitting on 10 World Energy Flasks.

Thanks @Adirtyempire!


Team Power 2466 with Scarlett, Kelile, Hawkmoon, Bane and Kailani. Made it through Mnt Umber with:

Team Power: 2539
Scarlett 3/60
Kelile 2/37
Valen 3/50
Ulmer 3/50
and Bane 3/50+10

I also have time to level up Kailani and Kelile or Hawkmoon a bit. In the last couple of hours I drew a 2nd Bane from my T13 and got Melia with the Anniversary gift. I’ll keep them around but it does mean I probably don’t need my maxed out Sha Ji and Hou anymore and I can feed them to Kailani.

Thanks @IvyTheTerrible. I always appreciate your insightful feedback.


I remember! Was pretty psyched that you did Mount Umber. Let me know how you did on this one too, please!


Will do!

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How goes your attack on strikewood? Stunning success? I hope so!

Brought Kailani(3/45 skill maxed) and Hawkmoon(3/25 skill 6) up as much as possible.

Made it to the end with everyone on full mana except hawkmoon, all between 75-100% on health, and a decent board. 2 small mana, 2 med mana and all axes and bombs remaining.

Fired all hitters on the one on the right then took the chance of firing off a red skull on him before I fired Kailani. I figure worse case scenario and his power does go off and as it hits everyone shouldn’t kill any of them. No cascade and the tiles brought him down bellow 2500 so I fired off all my bombs and 4 of my axes, then finished him with red tiles.

After that it was pretty easy, just fired ghost tiles to keep him from using his special and finished him off with my hitters and the slow drain of poison seeping through his “vines”. Came out with 1 small mana, 2 med and 1 axe left.

Thank you @IvyTheTerrible, @Adirtyempire, @King_Nothing, @Kitten and @BreEddard for all of you help and advice.