Showing time to next titan spawn on home screen

How about showing the time till next titan spawn on the home screen so we don’t need to check. The timer till the next flag is useless if u don’t have a titan to kill. Maybe a different color countdown timer to replace flag timer during that period, it could be a different color so people don’t get confused.

Or just log on the titan screen… U are trying to save 1 step? I apologize if I sound rude but does everything have to be done for everyone? If you log into the game you should already be in a habit of checking the Titan screen, checking the war screen, and collecting whatever is on your home screen. maybe I’m in an alternate dimension ( which is possible ) :beer: and :popcorn: are always at reach, so who knows :laughing:

Happy Gaming :cocktail:

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my apologies for trying to streamline things for everyone. Some of us have jobs and families that come first, then maybe the alliance

Then why ya logging in? If you don’t have time to go to another screen you certainly wouldn’t have time to hit the Titan anyway…

I have a job, I have a family, I have in-laws I take care of, and I’m the leader and founder of a franchise of four different alliances. So trust me when I say, I understand about time management. No need to get defensive, I’m just saying if you want to make a change, there’s a ton of other avenues. Besides the home screen imo is cluttered enough with ads :laughing: they should put all the offers in shop and leave the home screen alone.

Happy gaming
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