Showing an accurate skill level up chance

Is there not a way of displaying special skill level up chance? Case in point maxed 3’s like bane who are only at 5,6,or7…

A little confused of what youre asking.

If a 3* is maxed, but the special ability isnt 8/8, you can still feed it to try and get the special skill maxed. It shows the % chance.

But there is accumulated percent chance and that’s not displayed…so there’s no way to know if i need2000xp or 20kxp

It can at least show the accumulated percentage…

It doesn’t depend upon xp at all. There is a chance for it to go up, as follows:

Same color feeders = 2% per star
Off color feeders = 1% per star

So if you feed Balthazar (3* purple) with 10 purple 1* heroes, your chance to raise special skill is 20%. If you feed with 10 blue 1*, it’s 10%

But no running total…so i have to keep track each time…why not the game do it for us is what I’m asking…but thanks…i got that part…

Eventually that adds to 100% right?.. Just want a clue as to where I’m at…

Sorry, but it is not cumulative - the bonus is additive as @NPNKY said above, but resets each time. :slightly_frowning_face:

The only way to get a 100% chance is to use four of the same hero(a 25% chance for the same hero) - so 4 Bane’s = 100% chance when fed to Bane.

Hope it helps,
:slight_smile: Tima

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Ahhh!!! Thanks…that’s why an a3 maxed 3 at at skill 4 or 5 are useless to me and are then used as training kibble…a waste. But thank you so much for reponding!!! I really appriciate it! Thanks!

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And yes that does clear it up for me…

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Thanks it does clear that issue up for me. Great help!!!:clap:


Just keep feeding 1* or 2* of the same color. You will eventually max it somehow.

You can continue to feed even after the hero reaches max level if the skill isn’t 8/8.

Don’t waste a hero you’ve leveled by feeding it away. The return on investment is terrible. You get back around 10% of the xp you fed it.

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You’re right but i get so frustrated and the resourses required to advance skill lvl enormous…rather spend elsewhere. Thanks. I know can utilize on 5th and 6th teams in war. I’m just not very patient. LMAO!!!


What I usually do is once a 3* is at 3/50, if the special isn’t maxed, I just move on to the next in that color. If I happen to get a duplicate card, I’ll feed them with that for a 25% chance of skill up. Otherwise, I use them as is.

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