Show your fully emblemed 5*

I have seen some high emblemed opponents. My own max is at 15, but i have seen 18…

Now is the time to show your fully emblemed 5* following my thread on the fully emblemed 4* :smiley:
Or if you stop at 19 give a reason why …

Looking forward for your pics. Mine will wait for another 3 months at least.

Check out “ambassador”'s team. Monstrous.


Met the 1st fully talented legend a few days ago.

Scary, but beatable.


Great use of Mistuko :+1:

Wow! 4* to beat nearly maxed out 5*…

And Finley at 4 80 20 didn’t even fire… :smiley:

Actually had fired… This is how he died.


Finley committed suicide on Mitsies ice reflection. He recieved all of his own damage due to hitting everyone.

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Beating Ambassador’ Super Emblemed Team last week also; quite same strategy: Mitsy forcing Finley’ suicide + Neith (Yes, mesdames et messieurs…Neith!) blinding all :wink:

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