Show XP value


In the bar of my experience could appear the values ​​of the current and necessary experience for the next level.


I’ve often wondered how much exp till I hit the next level… :grin:


For me this is a MUST for the game. Just showing that your are at xx% of XP to reach next level is a non sense.
I earn a number of XP after each battle, but if i do not know the total amount of XP, I really do not have any information about when I’ll probably reach a new level.

Just quoting “2300/5000” I’ll know the total XP I need and the exact % to reach the next level.
Thanks @slb4ever for writing this suggestion.


This would be sooo much nicer. We get XP from levels in actual amounts, and just a % on the bar, so there’s not a lot of context.


Yeah it would be very nice to know exactly how much XP is needed to gain the next level :slight_smile:
Actually its held in percantage on the Profile, but the XP gained by solved Missions is held in numbers :slight_smile:
Thats very confusing :frowning:


I agree - show values - both % and values so we have a clearer picture of what is occuring

For Example : my player level is lvl 15 - i click on it and it shows i have 32% gained so far for this lvl to get to the next

how many points do i need?

For Example: when looking to gain points or % from the map, province

How much is each of these worth, it does not show.
You end up doing to blindly - it would help to know which will gain me what amount to know which i should be hitting.

Thank you for your time - :slightly_smiling_face: