Show which Quest is coming next to replace the current one

It can be usefull to see the time until an normal quest start, like we can see the starting time for special quests. In time , if i have no quest active, and I have many flags, can this help me to decide, if I use the flags for farming, or I better wait for comming quest. ( for example , that we can see, which quest will be active in comming 4 hours… )
thanks :slight_smile:

I think there are two things here.
1 You can already see when the next quest is coming because it’s the timer on the current quest.
2 If you’re asking to know which specific quest is coming that is different. It’s probably a good idea and helpful to players planning out flags.


idea was about the 2. point :wink:

Well I don’t think people have actually tracked what the quests that are coming up after the last one.
Majority of people don’t care tbh.

Has the 3* 4* mats quests on them, people really only care about them, but aswell they could differ between the days.

As i have wroten, is about to see IN GAME which regular quest go active in, for example 4 hours, to plan how I use my flags. …except the must quests are for me are important also quests with silver coin ( summon in PoV ), finding reqr.II ( possible Epic troop token), XP,gems,iron,food,battle items II, crafting items)

Like I said I don’t think anyone tracks them. @Halo was asking about gain experience there was one during atlantis soo that’s 3 weeks ago will the next be in 3weeks?
You could use the find recruits 2 thread for troop token to have a rough idea when that is going to be available again.
I kinda think it’s random and there is no real pattern when each event comes about.
If you wanna track it go for it but you prob have to do it for about 4-6 months to get a decent data pattern for each event.

Oh man, forget it…check this, search there…where we are ? in year 1998 , and i must buy an game magazine to make progress in Hexen ?
u win, I resignate

This would have been helpful to me when I was waiting the three or so weeks for the ‘Gain Experience’ quest to show up again.

About a week and a half after the last one had concluded I kept looking at the timers on my quest map when they were about to expire thinking “Ok, this next one has GOT to be gain exp.” And then it’s never was.

Anyway, in my post, that’s why I was asking if they had gotten rid of the quest altogether. I kept saving my flags thinking it was going to be a quest I wanted to participate in, when I just could have gone ahead and used them on something else.

It would sometimes be helpful to know, not when a particular quest will arrive, but what the actual next quest will be via an in game visual.

Although I wonder if in some way Small Giant would rather us just use our flags and then buy energy refills when we realized we should have saved them LOL

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I’d like to know the next event aswell im like you I check the times on the events when they counting down…
I say it class as qol improvement for players maybe if this gets enough votes It could happen.

But the quests like Farholme are 7-10 to day time that could screw up maybe a quest for iron etc in that time frame…

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This people asking when ett or reset emblem are available. They there but when?

It’s in the program of random like the quests are.

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