Show up to scale harpoon bar and show it during the fight

There are two things I’d like to change about harpoons and titan battles.

  1. make the harpoon bar up to scale. All three parts look the same even though you require different amount of harpoons to fill each of them. It’s very misleading.

  2. Generally, we don’t fill the harpoon bar on regular titans, so we stop sending more harpoons after the second part is filled. It would be nice to see during the fight how many harpoons are used or how many are needed to reach the next checkpoint. That way if you forget to check before the fight, you know if you should still send your harpoons or save them for another titan

I think these are both worthwhile easy fixes.

Not sure 100% if it links in with any of the suggestions in the below as there are a lot of comments :stuck_out_tongue: