Show_time for an single training

When you train/craft items i think it would be nice if you could see the time left for the active craft/training. Not only the total time left when you have mulible trainings/crafts active.

Pretty useful when you training for a chance of legendary hero, for an example (long waiting)

You can see it with a minimum of maths since it‘s a 2 day period

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U can use math on almost everything but this was a matter of simplifying…

Depending on the day you start.

Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday Tuesday Thursday Saturday and all over again…

It actually does show a countdown if you go into it. Maybe not down to the second but it is there.

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Rockstar’s got it. The when you go into your training camp it will tell you how much time is left for the training. Also, the green progress bar is per hero, so you can see the % complete visually.

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