Show the pull rate % for heroes and increase 4 and 5 stars rate after every 3 stars pull

So, title is obvious. My suggestion for this game is for it to show the pull rate percentage whenever we are pulling. Also, to increase by fractions with each pull. Fire Emblem Heroes has that, in which you know exactly the odds of getting a 3, 4 and 5 stars hero. Also, for every pull you do without a 5 stars, you get a .5% increment in it.

I think this would be an awesome thing to make the game better and more transparent.

I think this is a great suggestion and I voted for it. Other games out there are already beginning to show percentages for their random rewards, and it would set SG among the frontrunners regarding this aspect of the business if they did this.


Voted. This should be getting more votes given that everyone is complaining so much about drop/pull rates.


that’s what I thought when wrote it xD

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They have to look at improving the pull rate the more you summon, this month I have done 112 summons, no gravemaker and 80 of those summons were in the current special event, over 90% of my summons been used as trainers to level my other hero’s, I have kept a Hansel and Gretel which I will never use, Azlar I already have… i have never been so frustrated in a computer game, I can’t get over the money I have spent in this game…yeah yeah I know it’s my choice…anyway got to go the wa wa wambulance is coming to pick me up


Seriously contemplating deleting game do to this issue. I spend about $100 a week and I only have three 5 star heroes. I pay to play. I understand it is a lotto. My rate of 3 star hereos dropping has completely made my money not worth it. As well, the same four 4 star heroes drop every time. Something has got to give and it’s probably going to be my money I no longer give to this game.


Stop spending money to get heroes and focus on VIP. The game is a marathon, not a sprint. If you manage to get your TC to 20, you’ll have better odds of getting your 5 star.


I spent on 4x 10 pulls and 5 single in the hopes of getting rumple or red hood. Dissapointed at not getting even one of them and due to never having spent money ever on a game and spending like mad since I joined 2 months ago. Just a sign for me to cool off and spend on a new hobby instead. :grin: it would be nice if they gave a percentage on the pull rate but somehow I don’t think that is ever going to happen, simply because if they did no one’s going to spend. :joy:

Nothing wrong with asking though…

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Don’t forget to add the event hero pull rate aswell.


I don’t mind regular spending money on a game and will continue too on another game, the return on investment is not in this game as I would like, yes your right it’s a marathon and not a sprint and i’m not into marathon’s

So true!

I have 8x 5 :star: heroes: 1x is this HOTM and 7x were from TC20 (better odds).
V.I.P. pass is the best deal we can get :slight_smile:

The only thing is that HOTM and event heroes can’t be found on TC20, so I’ll try to summon event related heroes, even if I know that they could never come (but they also can).

Nope, you play gratis and chose to pay… it’s different.


If you have VIP and TC20, you then can save your gems and spend them only on Event heroes, that’s the best way to do it.

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In Fire Emblem Heroes, we have the pull rate, and they start at 3% for focus heroes. Even then, people spend a lot on the game. Knowing the odds don’t make people not spend, but there we have the increase in odds, meaning eventually, you’ll get the hero you want (albeit it can have horrible IVs, and you’ll have to keep pulling).

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I would prefer a better increase than 0.5%, but the general principle has such a huge amount of fairness to it.

An alternative that I’ve also seen and mentioned would be after hitting monthly gem amounts or perhaps gems spent within an event that you can hit tiers where you are either guaranteed a specific hero or 4* or 5* hero rolls for it. Small Giant can choose whatever they want those tiers to be, but at least there would be some sort of guarantee and stop-gap against endless awful rolls/expenditures with nothing to show for it.

Thanks for posting this!

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I think this is a good idea as well. Seems as if this post is buried too deeply for many to dig up and read.

You know you can already see the % before making the summon, right?

@Paulonthat is correct but Douglasii just bumped the treahd because he felt this idea was to low on the boards. :wink:

At the time of this thread’s creation, the summon probabilities were not visible.

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Closing this thread, as SG has implemented a portion of the requested feature. If folks want to continue the discussion regarding increased chances after summons without 5* heroes, I’d suggest adding your thoughts to this thread:

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