Show the class name, not the word 'class'

On the hero cards the class icon is shown with the word "class’ under it. That is so unhelpful. Just put the word of the class they are there. There is plenty of room to put Druid, Ranger, Fighter, Wizard, Barbarian, etc. This way we don’t have to tap the image to read the name all the time.

This might work for English, but it’d definitely be a struggle to fit for lots of languages.

These are from the Polish translation as a random example:

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Maybe the name can be put elsewhere on the card then? I would guess they would not want to do that for aesthetics.

It seems like it could live in the special skill section, potentially, or at least on the Talents tab when that’s present.

When Talents were first released, I felt really overwhelmed trying to remember all of them. But I’ve found that I recognize the symbols now, so it doesn’t bother me as much that they aren’t spelled out on the cards. This seems like it would be helpful for (future) new players, though.

I haven’t tried to remember them. Seeing the name there somewhere would be really nice which is why I suggested it. Hopefully they will consider it.

I have something longer…
Ranger - Strażnik lasu (forest guardian, one of the worst translate) :confused:

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Yes, I also would like to have this feature.

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