Show remaining titan flags/attacks on players profile for each member of alliance, and total remaining for all members


at the war you show the remaining available attack flags at the player…
For me as a leader of an alliance it is always important to know who has attacked and who did not…
Would be it be possible to show the remaining titan attacks in the alliance members view?
that would help a lot.

Agreed!! I have to look and count too. As leaders we already do more would be nice have have a little help

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I know this might sound like it’s an idea for policing players, but to be honest, we’ve had a hard time figuring out how many attacks we have left, when determining whether or not we can kill a titan in the time remaining.

I really agree this would be a good idea, even if it only showed remaining flags for the alliance as a whole, like it does for war hits.

Hi there!

Not sure if this idea already had someone. If yes thanks in advance for th merge Moderators ;).
I tought about to show the remaining titan flaggs for each titan, similar to the war one. bcs there is always the question: should we go for it or should we let him go? if we would knew the remaining titan flaggs we could estimate if we can get him or nah. Please let me know your toughts.

Greetings LordWoodland

Smart thinking 99 :+1:

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Thx. Whats about this 99 tho :rofl:

shut up and take my vote! nice idea


I think it’s a great idea to know how many flags might be available, although it’s only part of the calculation, as surely you would also want to know who has those flags perhaps? Some members are power hitters 100-200k+ every titan whereas others may only achieve less than 50k - the potential value of each flag would also need to be taken into consideration as to whether a titan is to released or not… No?

Would leadership therefore need to know, the names of people with flags as well? Just pondering :thinking:


Easy, show a number behind players names :wink:
(and a total off course.)

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Guess your not from the USA or AUS

There is a TV show called GET SMART and the smartest of the 2 agents is a female called 99.
The saying comes from there.


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lol alright thx mate xD

@zephyr1 is there already a post similar to this?

Great idea, that way Alliance leaders can also keep track of dead weight and ppl that gain so much while not putting in the work.


@LordWoodland and @zephyr1

There seems to be another small threads covering this good idea.


Not at all. Just knowing how many flags are left would very much plenty good.

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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I agree that knowing how many titan flags used/had each member is a good piece of information.

I’m a alliance leader and I ran a little note to count every time a member has attacked a titan. I try to encourage those members who didn’t attack to actually use their flags. But it’s a manual task that could be avoided with an automatic counter.

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Gees man is this a game the others can enjoy during thier spare time during their normal daily lives or is it becoming such that it’s military style run and should be considered more important.

Notes on each members activates, are you kidding me seriously.

Just knowing how many flags are left which woukd towards deciding whether to keep hitting or not is plenty enough.


If you’re in an alliance with equal strength the total number would suffice to do some rudimentary calculations on wether to proceed or not.

But with some very strong and some beginners you would need to now where the remaining flags are.


Sorry man there has to be limits and that is going way beyond it.

Next they will want the right to give members toilet breaks.

As a leader I am all for what needs to be done to make playing easier but I draw the line at needing or wanting to control members playing.


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