Show Portugal some love in the shop with a pin please!

Ever since the first flag pin came out I’ve been making sure I had enough gems saved to buy the Portuguese Flag pin but so far no such luck :frowning: I got at least three Portuguese friends waiting for it as well, so there’s something :wink: Playing this game for close to a year now, so patience is no stranger to me of course xD But please make it available soon, SG!

Same here, looks like we’re in oblivion…

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I just asked the same question on my country’s channel and even we are waiting for our tricolor :man_shrugging:

I know that it could be wise for avatars & background to not be always available, to incentive buying gems, but the national flags… c’mon…


I have to agree. It’s one thing to keep the special pins restricted, but if there are national flags available constantly as a separate category, there’s likely to be an ongoing trickle of purchases from new players of various nations over time.
I suspect that that trickle will be worth more to SG than a one off burst of sales as a given flag comes up for a few days then vanishes for the next 6 months absolute minimum period, in both money spent on gems and goodwill from customers.

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