Show percentage chance to train a hero in trainig camp

There is a thread on here where a lot of people tracked their results and this is what they found to be the case for TC20:

75% 3*/ 20% 4* / 5% 5*

Though I do agree, they should list the odds for the TC’s as well.



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Would it not be easier to just assume the odds are the same as epic summon minus event heros or hotms

Oops, wrong reply. Anyway, they aren’t though, TC’s drop rates run different than summons; your odds at pulling 5* are better with TC20 than Summons.

If they dont show the odds then how do you know? People used to tell me Elemental and Epic summons had same odds and I would argue about it until they’d stop replying but without solid proof i really had no leg to stand on

Keep in mind that hard to compare a drop rate that only pops out a hero every 2 days over a drop rate that can pop out as many drops as someone is willing to buy.

For a comparison without drop rate percentages from devs, you would have to take a group of people and get them to do the same amount of tc pulls and summons pulls each month and this would have to go on for quite some time to make even a slight comparison

I don’t see how or why tc20 rates would be any different than epic summons, same amount of heros in both pools and both can be done for free since epic summons are accessible with tokens

I guess for argument’s sake and with the wide use of tc20 it would be nice to have those drop rates. Although idk if we’ll ever see them. Devs gave us drop rates of anything linked to spending. This was to avoid future legal obligations that are in the works for Loot box games such as this one. Google any combination of words such as loot box, legalities, rng, gambling, you’ll see a lot of results all pointed to games like this one.

Here ya go. I believe this is the thread where a huge chunk of people got together to figure out the odds themselves by compiling data.

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Well if they have the odds figured out then why are we asking that they be published? Or are we saying that the odds figured up from that data aren’t 100% accurate?

The odds have been estimated by the player base, but not everyone knows about the thread.

I expect they are now very close to 100% accurate, but we don’t know for sure.

The likely answer to the OP is that there are some grey areas both in EU/US regulatory environment and in Apple TOS that require that ‘loot box’ odds be published. This MAY apply to E&P portal summons as they are purchased with gems but certainly do not apply to TC training.

My guess is SG legal recommended that they publish these odds OR they were asked/warned to publish them by Apple.

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@RandaPandah why should we do it on our own? Why summons are described and training camp, where radnomness also apperas isn’t described?

Summons cost money

Training camp results are free

$$$$$ is usually what it boils down to in this game

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This post also answers your question:

Show percentage chance to train a hero in trainig camp?

Actually is a lot of time and grinding…
That’s what money spenders incorrectly think they can sneak by…

Lol you play the game in your FREE time though correct? Or do you prioritize it over work, family, and other more important things?

If FREE time means staying on this forum also, not - and i quote you - at work, family, and other more important things, then YES. :slight_smile:

Then the training camp results are free…where were you going with this?

let me rephrase it for you:


P.S. time is more important than money. end of “whatever were the last 4 replies”

Lol if you spend your free time for free results then it’s free. You are not obligated to play the game with your free time in any way, shape, or form. Just like I’m not obligated to spend money on the game in any way, shape, or form. I pay for summons. You don’t pay for tc results. You can try to be philosophical about it all you want, but those are facts. Even famous philosphers have to accept facts at one point or another.

I never said we should have to calculate this out ourselves, in my original post I agreed that having the listed TC odds somewhere would be nice. Since it isn’t an option now, that’s why we have people coming together to figure it out for themselves. I don’t know, for certain, why SG does this. I assume they list them through the summons now because they were violating certain laws in place before for not listing odds for paid for services. & They’re not currently doing it for the TC’s because they arent legally obligated to (since they don’t cost money), and want to keep people shooting in the dark. I don’t actually know, that’s just my best guess.

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