Show odds info for Mega chest

There currently seems to be 2 types of loot that can be won, randomized and guaranteed.

Until today most would assume the Mega box on POV 50 would be static, nothing was shown that it was different:


All other areas of the game that have randomized loot, portals, MT, even offers in store:

I suggest adding similar odds to the Mega chest.

You got my vote. I don’t know if buying the elite pov pass could be a thing for me, because i have no glue what i could get…

It’s just really “odd” that they come out with this new POV level the same time as the mega crate and with out any hint of randomized loot.

I’d be pissed if as a lower player I bought the higher POV with the exception of getting something really good from this chest.

I’d expand to say “always show odds”. That includes monster chest, hero chest, elemental chests, ninja tower progression chest, summons chest, war chest.

No one should expect amazing loot from any chest. I’d at least like to know odds of everything.


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