Show Number of Harpoons Used by Each Alliance Member

@Petri we keep track of titan hits. alliances use that to determine membership and boot those not meeting standards. Well the new titan requirements releasing here shortly need to be tracked so alliances can uphold those same requirements. That being said i feel we need to put in asterisks, or something, next to each members score the numver of harpoons that each member used on that titan. Please consider this as a quick add before the update. It will be desperately needed.

this was repeatedly asked for in beta, but they didn’t seem interested in adding this feature (or it takes too long to implement)


What do harpoons do that you would need that information? Sorry for being naive on the subject.


On level 12 titans 70 harpoons or so is the minimum to get titan parts. That drops 3. Then say 120 is the next level. 4 parts are dropped. Then say the final level is 170. Once its hit with 170 5 parts are dropped. So all members need to use harpoons and help the entire team. If harpoons arent tracked how do we know who is or is not freeloading? Numbers above were not exact just examples but they do get rather high


The only issue with this is the lower level players who will probably feel undue stress to keep up. I play this game for fun, as do many others. As long as the majority of my alliance members are hitting the titans and using flags in AW, I’m good.
The last thing I would think to do is count the amount of harpoons my members are using, especially if the harpoons count for the entire alliance?
It’s going to be a LONG time before many of my lower level alliance members are going to anywhere near making harpoons. So I just keep working to improve them with any advice or help I can offer.


Thats fine so you wont mind the harpoon count. As for the rest of us we mind. Our memberdhip rewuirements will be based on it. We will weed out non harpoon users as we have methods to find out so why not make our jobs easier???. So why even push back on something that wont negatively impact you???


So, in simple terms do they act similar to a flask in that we currently ask our members “who has a flask they can use”?


Yes but you can easily build harpoons in a forge or hunters lodge. They are easy to build. No rare mats required.

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You can only build harpoons once you have SH21 and unlocked those buildings - No? Unsure how long that process will take anyway.


I don’t mind either , so clearly you are wrong .

I’m happy if you are competitive and driven, judging from your post - clearly a top 20 alliance … so I would suspect everyone in your alliance is doing their part .
If not you can create your own alliance , fill it with alts, and you won’t have to worry about those not using harpoons.

I have to agree . I do feel growing members of weaker ones or FTP, could be placed in difficult situations due to “seeing who used harpoons” being used as a punitive measure for KICKING.


You nailed what I was trying to express @Justab0x and @Sarah2. I’m sure a top 20 alliance takes this game very serious. Me, on the other hand play it to de-stress after work (maybe occasionally during work?) but I’m certainly not kicking someone who is trying but jut can’t keep up.
Yes we have kicked people for not using flags in AW, not communicating and even just disappearing. But mostly we are laid back, have a good time and help the newer teams as much as possible.

The thing is there are way more alliances NOT in the top 100 that have newer players joining every day. I know that if my SH was at level 13 and everyone else was making harpoons I’d feel a little lost and useless. My plan is to make sure they don’t feel that way and progress at their own speed, as long as they are progressing. It’s a game I plan to enjoy for a very long time. I have zero aspirations to be in the top 100…or even 1000, so our motivations are completely different.

I guess it broken down into seriously competitive alliances and alliances that play for fun. Don’t misunderstand me, I WANT to win the next AW, but it’s not going to ruin my day if we don’t. I wish you luck in your battle to the top Sir, and hope to never meet you in war. It would be overly embarrassing to be dismantled by your alliance.

P.S I also want to kill this rare Titan and have someone get that telescope, if it’s not me it’s going to someone who needs it more. Good for them.


The harpoons get you ■■■án parts. So I get that you want to enforce a certain number of those items used. What do the parts give you that is so valuable? And will only top titans give you those parts or is that all titans?

The parts enable you to build powerful weapons to use fighting the titans. One person using harpoons benefits the entire alliance.
Also I believe it’s any Titan, not just the higher level ones.

So make harpoons to get parts. Then use parts to kill titan? Aren’t the top alliances already farming 12 star titans? I don’t get the point of enforcing the harpoons then. The Titan is still dying

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I believe they are also bringing back the higher level titans as well.

Noted that would make more sense. Ok carry on…

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:+1: Have a good day Sir. I’m still wondering about the grind to build a Lodge? 3 months have been thrown out there. There’s so much information my head is spinning. I’ll just wait and see what all the hubbub is about :wink:

Although, while I’m waiting, getting iron storage to max capacity is a priority (a work in progress) with so many new buildings. The grind continues… :confounded:


I’m with you @Sarah2, I have a lot of leveling to do!

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are those parts dropped to EACHmember or just the lucky 1,2,3,4 or 5


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