Show member who killed the Titan

Dear SG, would it be possible to show the member who killed the titan when you post the titan defeated post? This will eliminate the problem when two people are hitting at the same time and probably easier to capture the bug when two members kills the Titan as posted in other topics and no one takes the credit. Also, probably the same request to show member who received bonus when rare titan is killed.

Your titan kill counter will go up by 1 in your stats when you killed the titan. Also, there’s no bonus for killing the titan, not for normal and neither for rare titans.

Aquaginera, I know kills are reflected in your stats, I’m asking for name of member who killed it the defeat post. And, yes there is bonus items in the rare titan, see below.

I understood your question. :slight_smile: But what’s the point in showing who killed the titan other than bragging?
You can already see who killed the titan in the eventlog, according to who hit it last. If two people hit at the same time when the titan went down, it was one of those and they should check their titan kill stat to see who got credited with the kill. :slight_smile:

Yes, there is a bonus item for rare titans. But this bonus item has nothing to do with who killed it. And if some people got the item, they can just tell you in alliance chat about it.

I personally think there are more valuable features than the one you requested and there are many better ways to use available developer resources than for implementing this feature request. :slight_smile:

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Although I agree with what you said and have no issues with it.

What’s the problem with being able to have bragging rights displayed for all to see. I means this is a long tedious sometimes boring game which is designed to last for years (great, fantastic etc etc) but why not have bragging rights (as you call it) in say a new tap for all to see if they want. Things like

  1. FINALLY reaching fully leveling a hero,
  2. % of won raids
  3. % of won AW’s
  4. titan and AW participation %
  5. total score of top 30 heros ad it’s what AW’s is based on, why can’t we see that score

Putting all these stats into a new tab for other allience members to see would be great and yea something to brag about and more surely than not create more interest in the game.

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I understand your point and agree with you - it would be a nice feature. I personally just believe that there are more important feature requests that SG should use their developer resources for than this one. :slight_smile:

Even though it’s not your personal top 30 heroes score, you can already see your alliance’s combined war score when tapping on the “?” next to your alliance score.

My Alliance would like the option of cheers for the member who strikes the final blow.

Players can willingly share this info themselves through line if they choose. Why force them to share it if they would rather not?

We actually had two members hitting the titan at once and oddly enough the person listed as the last hit, was not the person who was awarded the kill. So that method is not always accurate.

In our alliance, several of us will go out of our way to not kill the titan so that people with zero kills can have the opportunity. This keeps team morale up. It would be great if we could click their profile and see the same stats as when we click our own profile. It could also add a more competitive edge for highest titan hits, highest ever trophy count, raid wins etc. It would also help when deciding to raid someone. for example, if someone is using a bait defense team so they can revenge with a more powerful team, you could check their most powerful hero to see if you stand a chance.

I think the things you suggest are well worth the effort.


Seeing able to see your team mates 30 heros or the total score of the TP for those 30 heros isn’t a hidden secret if they are parcipitating in the AW.
But many don’t know which heros to use against opponents so having to go back and forth describing who you have left to others helping them, being able to see those 30 heros would help a great deal and save heaps of time.

As for the TP scores, it’s in my opinion that all the points used to calculate a matchmaking should be made available as stats with each AW.

For example; the stats should show

  1. each players top 30 her I score
  2. each players troop score used
  3. the titan score
    And what ever else is used to calculate the matching

One of the questions I have in using the titan score is
, is it the total titan score for the allience used or is it divided up into individual titan scores according to those who actually hit the titan that are parcipitating in the AW.

Titan score isn’t used to calculate matching

Each player in our team made an album in line of their rosters. Wasnt hard took a total of 3 minutes per member at most. If players are unsure of who to use in war and when, just have them pm you in line. You have 24 hours to use 6 flags, ample time to help players with their roster. I’ve done it for people in alliances I’m not even in.

Matchmaking is decided by war score
War score is a calculation of the top 30 heros if eahx member of the alliance and an alliance’s past war history(ELO)

Sitting in game looking at 29 rosters telling people who to hit and when would be just as, if not more, time consuming as using line but would add even more weigh down to the data coming and going to the server which seems to have had overload problems already.

Anyways maybe it would be helpful, but is pretty unnecessary if you take the time to organize your alliance

You and your dont mean you specifically, just a generaliazed hypothetical you/your

Yep no bonus for the last hitter. In fact I killed 12 titans and got crap loot