Show me your rewards


Wow you’ve been blessed lol




Decent raid chest


Tiburtis will be so happy.


Came with 10 ranger emblems too


Monster chest today. Gonna try for Feb HotM in a few hours

Update: No Kunchen, only 3*


Titan was good to me this morning :laughing:

Titan loot:

Titan chest:


monster chest :))


Dont know if it counts at a reward but boy i had saved 3 hero tokens from the pirates event and lol first pul , gues i m gona save the other 2 for next month ,hahah


Raid chest this morning

Now i only need one more for Athena. Poor girl sitting at 3/67


Holy Chest…holy ■■■■…badest loot iv seen froma a elemental chest


War chest was a tad light


how do you like her ?


I don’t like her. I LOVE HER! She was my first 5*, so there’s that bit of sentimentality, she’s incedibly powerful (I only leave her behind in reflect blue battles against rare blue titans and Avalon), and she’s pretty to look at. Most people have swear jars, i have an Athena jar in my alliance lol. They are kind of tired of me talking about her. I do cosplay at cons, and she’s my big money cosplay this year.


10* titan from few days back:

Ice elemental chest today:


Today is good day for me, regular monster chest:


Less just say its not great


Normal monster chest!


This ^^


4* mats on a daily basis :rofl::rofl::joy::joy: