Show me your rewards


What happened to Elemental chest loot?

omg what? :blush:

What happened to Elemental chest loot?

Monster chest


Not too bad?! :):grin:


Silver raid chest today.

M.V today :wink:


What happened to your one man only alliance?! Or is this an alternative account? And…mystic vision hasn’t shown me love in forever! Jealous!


I moved to @Rigs co-allie Crew-Serfs
Needed to hit big titans than what I used to have in OMO … I think OMO is gone … but it was a well needed stage in my playing time.
Thanks for asking dear BigeyemeltingGryph



Both from today! :smile:


For some reason I’m only getting ascension items in either rare quest or Challenges. Aside from getting them those ways the last one ive gotten was over 2 weeks ago :pensive:.:thinking::thinking::thinking: so jealous of you guys. Tomb of tactics is ridiculously rare as I’ve got 7 5* hero’s all now waiting on a tactics. :weary::weary: someone please show me you’ve won a tomb so I can still have hope lol


Titan loot!


Regular ole monster chest and a dark elemental chest a couple days ago


Nice to see an alliance partner had a goo loot :slight_smile:


Monester chest today


Wish you best loots in all ways to get what you need my friend.

Have a great day.


Ordinary monster chest


:drooling_face:I’m drooling lol there is a Loot god lol nice loot


You are too kind. I love seeing everyone else’s loot in the game


Regular monster chest


Titan loot