Show me your rewards


Got nice Titan loot last night!


stacking up for winter seasonal

regular monster chest


Gimme EHT. Havent seen dropping one for month. :unamused:


Regular monster chest, again :smiley:


Titan loot today. Not bad :smile:


Green chest today
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I know its mistic vision but this is a must see

A friend from alliance

Wth is that? Better than elem chest


Raid diamond chest this morning :

Tonight :

A good day for raiding


My diamond chest today


my elemental chest the other day very lucky


Got this saturday. I was like “Yes! I got a tonic! AND a cape! Woot—wait, what’s that number under the tonic?” Needless to say i nearly jumped through the ceiling.


nice drop :slight_smile: just like a green rare titan; tonic increased chance :slight_smile:




It wasn’t even a rare. Did you notice I got two tonics? I had some crazy awesome luck that day!


wow! no. 2 tonics! congratz!!