Show me your rewards

Yours looks better than the nature chest I filled. It was the same except 50 gems, a compass and a battle tome. Screenshot_20180606-105750Screenshot_20180606-105742Now that’s one disappointing chest


This loot is PRETTY AWESOME and you still manage to complain shaking head repeatedly

Note: They didn‘t take any slots away from the chest. They ADDED extra slots for the loot tickets. Its a free BONUS.

And the coins were nerfed months ago. The probability for epic tokens decreased by a lot. Nothing new…

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Just got my last Cape to take Isarnia to 3rd tier from a raid chest. Pretty stoked!

The trainer hero finished her off to 60. Win Win!


Two unfarmable ascension materials is always a winner in my book.




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joy a warm cape when I really needed a sturdy shield and/or a tonic.

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just got this. who issit used to level up?


Got strings in aw as usual but a mate received a dama blade and another a shield und hidden blade. So good loot exists somewhere

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Maybe the good loot bounces from each player in the alliance

5* nature heroes. Need 6 of them to max ascend one 5*.

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Holy guacamole a scabbard for A+ Loote tier 13 on a 10* titan!! LAH DEE FRICKIN DAH

Hmmm that’s the same loot I got recently from a different titan

Loot from completing a titan chest wow :frowning:

So Ridiculous (20 char limit lol)

Is it me or has this game gotten really cheap with rewards when I looked back at all my data it seems like if you pay any gems to speed up monster chest even just 1gem the rewards are crap even for all the chest.
This is the 6th monster chest that I’ve used energy to fill with in the past 8 days that I have gotten this loot :frowning: Kinda glad I cut back on spending any gems to speed it up. Did they nerf the monster chest if you speed up the wait time? Cause it seems like it and the titan chest has been crappy as well yikes. Wonder what’s going on!

First ever rare 8* titan and my highest damage with over 400k+ damage loot.

At least it‘s 10 gems and 2* trainer. Mats for sure ar bad :flushed:

18th place got the same exact thing except he got a one star Trainer. What did you get when you did it?

Couple of minutes ago I got an Epic Hero Token from a Platinum raid chest just to summon yet another Valen.