Show me your practice swords

I have too much of everything! :smile:

For now I don’t have many 5* so I’m running 3xTC20 and switching between tc19 and tc2 in the last one (depending on the amount of recruits I have available).

How did you get 4 columns to display? Is that a tablet resolution or something?

Yep, I play on an iPad.

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That’s just crazy talk. No one plays on an iPad.


I’m having a mental breakdown in the amount of backpacks you guys have, how the heck do you level your heroes?

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I was wondering that, too. When I get 48 backpacks I always kickoff a day’s-worth of TC2.

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TC19 tends to be more efficient experience per recruit and a lot faster than any of the other feeder options. It does cost a lot more ham, but my food storage is usually overflowing with ham anyway. These days, I only ever run one TC20, TC19 when I have a surplus of recruits, and the rest TC11.

I 2nd and 3rd the Holy Backpacks sentiment :flushed:

0 Swords
0 Backpacks

I run my TC 11’s around the clock, except when I switch one out in the morning to drain the swords and backpacks. I’m confused as to how people gathered such a surplus. I just got access to TC 19, so maybe it’ll make sense to me later.

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I’m usually running out of rugged clothes before I run out of backpacks.

5491 swords
6075 training manuals (listed just for comparison)
110 rugged clothes
52 backpacks

I rarely do TC1. Until there were recruits from raiding I also did not farm enough to even use up all backpacks.

Actually TC2 gives an average 78 exp per recruit and TC19 gives 75 exp per recruit,

So TC2 is more efficient recruit wise and also saves you tons of food

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Oops scratch that! Miscalculated, TC19 is indeed slightly more profitable in exp per recruits.

Still though the pressure on food is crazy!! Especially when you try to level these 4start troops and craft mana potions while leveling 5start heroes

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I’m not a fan of using tc1 that much. Maybe it’s good for the first ascension but after that it’s a lot of ham. Not worth it in my eyes. That’s why I have so many.

Backpacks on the other hand are my issue. I can never get a stockpile.

Zero backpacks, zero swords and ~200 rugged clothes until I blow them all in a few days. I dunno how you guys stockpile lol I blow them as fast as I get em.

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Always in need of swords and backpacks… sent some over anytime!

Do you guys not train heroes? I’m out of all training mats regularly.

I’ve got heroes to level. I’ve got mats to level (some of) them. I’ve currently got food surplus and I’ve got a nice recruit surplus (~50 days of TC11)

I burn backpacks, rugged clothes, and practices swords when they come in, unless I’m temporarily low on food, in which case I won’t run TC19 or TC3 until a day or two later when I’m caught up.

Yes, I’ve got so much surplus food that I use TC3 instead of TC1. It burns the swords faster, and gets my TC back on TC11 sooner, effectively getting me more feeder heroes.

But yes…people who don’t have heroes they want to level up do well to bank the food and recruits so they can use the backpacks, rugged clothes, and swords they are also banking when they finally get the hero.

Give me another six months and I’ll probably be like the people accumulating them…

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