Show me your line up in Emoji's

Yesss, you got them all :slight_smile:


Probably not the best choices there…

Sorry, some of those emoji’s didnt come thru :frowning:

Experimenting with defence so got a new one for ya’s

:bow_and_arrow: | :mechanical_arm: | :prince::chess_pawn: | :fire: | :green_circle::vampire:|

2 color defense?
Black Knight
Morgan Le Fay

Isn’t it weak against red?

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You’d think so yes but… I ran similar over Christmas to this effect:

Going back to try BK instead of Zim

Is that number good or bad? Can’t find comparison… the last time I use 2 color defense of yellow and purple, I got E for 5 days in tournament…

Here is some comparison for my defences:

Not even one of them is rainbow…

Nah don’t really have a purple I wanna chuck in there :stuck_out_tongue:
I have Kunchen (unemblemed), Khiona (+5).

Jabber & Seshat are both being worked thru final ascension but its slow :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm now that Boss is retired…

:woman_in_lotus_position: :martial_arts_uniform: :octopus: :trident: :woman_scientist:

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Woman in lotus position…woman scientist hmm

Rania??? Drake Ursena Poseidon Clarissa

Can’t be

Cup dropping team
:man_bald: :smiling_imp: :elf: :hammer: :fire:

:woman_zombie: :surfing_woman: :evergreen_tree: :woman_red_haired: :sun_with_face:

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Joon, Sartana, Elkanen, Richard, Marjana?

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Nice, all right except Sartana

4* vampire, forgot her name
Joon :joy:

Vela and Joon are good, and all of them 5*s. A little help, its not a Christmas tree.
Well instead of Sartana i can only think of Seshat or Obakan

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Woman sitting “She Sat…” best i could do lol


:skull_and_crossbones: :syringe: :goat: :see_no_evil: :lion:

Ok… can you guess mine? :slight_smile:

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