Show me your Green Titan Teams

Boldie, Gormie, Ares and Wilbur are very low attack stat, we need also at least bring one high attack stats, like Elena, Azlar or scarlett.
I see that you have Azlar, so Gormie change with Azlar.


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Also have Scary.

I’m going to try
Boldie Az Ares Scary Tarlak
for my next flag.

I changed around but nothing, since I don’t have normal and elemental def down. Wu also didn’t help much.

My max buffed tiles usually deal 5k+ dmg, reds rarely beyond 2k.

I’m able to increase the dmg to 20k per hit with multiple storms followed by hits, but that’ll be far too costly in the long run.

Almost every time I start with pre-charging a def downie and the buffer to 60% followed by a dragon banner, arrows and a storm. After that the team gets rolling except on green titans.

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Elena instead of Azlar would make it better, but Azlar was more useful to me.


Got 2 consecutive 100k hits the other day with these :

Miki - Boldtusk - Wilbur - Falcon - Anzogh




Since my performance against green titans is still very poor, I went mono green this time, which nearly doubled my damage.

My red team has the ability to one shot raid opponents, but does very bad on nature titans.

Now I take this green team with very reasonable results after 3 flags. Instead of 15K it caused about 30K. Still meh, but what shall I do?


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How do you guys think the following setup would work?

Scarlett, Sir Lancelot, BT, Wilbur, Guardian Falcon.

Wilbur, Scarlett and Falcon are already maxed, I’m currently working on BT. Lancelot is unlevelled so far.

Alternative would be Wu Kong for multiply, Gadeirus for attack increase. Wu Kong is always nice, but the tile damage from all heroes but Scarlett is quite low, which worries me.

Other unlevelled reds are JF, Elena and Marjana unlevelled as 5*, and Sumimoto, Kelile and Sumle as 4*. However, I lack rings to max the 5* so I couldn’t get them over 3/70 atm.

I would replace Lance with Wu. His boost is worth it despite the misses. JF with his crit chance is an excellent titan hero once you max him. Elena has insane tile damage if you max her. Either can replace Scarlett once they’re maxed and further boost your scores.

One month later,…
I think 30k if without using items is great. I use Tornado and mana for more good results.
But I think with heavy minions can eat times… not so good.

You should swap position… Wilbur has more base attack over Boldtusk, except if emblemed.
BT - Wilbur - Lancelot - Scarlett - Falcon

after all other maxed, I would setup like this:
Wilbur - BT - Falcon - Elena - Wu
For crazy super high damage with risk of Wu.

Wilbur - BT - Falcon - Elena - Scarlett/JF
For stable result.

And this formation also best to cast from left to right… so very easy to remember which one should fire 1st, the clock is running, time is mater in Titan fight.

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Similar to many others but it’s a 110k hit Team.



Which line up is better? Better to go BK or Zim? FWIW, Miki is better than Tarlak for me.

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I prefer this one. It’s pretty similar to my own Red team for Green Titans (Swap Scarlett for Elena Costume & reduce the troops/ emblems).

With that team, i average about 50k per flag vs 12&13* titans. Items used are usually 1x Axe, 1x tornado and 1-2 mini mana pots.

Would Wilbur and falcon “stack”? I know it’s not an actual stack but does defense down and elemental defense down overwrite one another?

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Yes Wilbur and Falcon stack. I bring them to every green titan. Elemental def down stacks with regular def down. For that same reason I also bring Jackal and White Rabbit to every purple titan as another example.

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Hey thanks for that. I’m using what appears to be the same basic team but I’m only doing between 40 and 70k against 4* titans with pretty good boards. When I use my blue team which has the same principle of frida and isarnia, I’ll put up at least 120k on a red with these boards. It’s probably in my head but I just wanted to make sure.

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Sure no prob and here is a link to some other info regarding def debuff stacks :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a killer combo, I use them as well :+1:

I did a search but I guess my query wasn’t worded right. Thanks again. And yes. I love me some red titans. Add miki vela and kiril to those two and look out.

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My old green titan team. Performing pretty ok on 9*/10* titan

Lancelot Gormek Boldstuk kelile Wu Kong

My new Titan Team(have to try yet, im Finishing JF 4/66 and then moving to Falcon )

Wu Kong Gormek(someday the game will give me wilbur?) Bolstusk Jean francois G.Falcon.

Hoping I might get some feedback on my green titan team plus who to ascend next.

Currently use Wilbur, Tarlak +7, Boldy, Gravy +20 Jf +9

I will be hoping for Guardian Falcon this coming teloc.

Other reds are Marj +7, Mits+7, Grazul dont see them fitting in.

Options to ascend next are Ares, C.Elena, Azlar(not costume)

Emblem wise possibly have some Paladin emblems I can spare.


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