Show me your emblemed 3*

There is a general speaking which says that is not worth to emblem three star heroes. However i think the opposite . I think that there are some three who are so usefull in order to aspire to get highest positions in challanges events and Tournaments.

Nowadays im lacking of emblems because they were to most of my epic heroes. Besides that i figured out to put some of them on Melia which i rise recently to get through rare Avalon event .

Its a good idea to see others three star heroes emblemed. And why you choose to do It .

Another one id unlock at least first nodes is mneseo.
Which 3* do you consider worth of being emblemed? I think gunnar, Baltazar, valen, hawkmoon, gato, Melia and mneseo.

My brienne

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Negatory…had Bane maxed until I got a worthy max monk…once Drake dropped in my last Bane got stripped

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But this is more like a luxury what im refering than a need.
I do think that there is nothing more worthy than use emblems on 5* . However you can still have fun and compite embleming 3* and 4*

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He is only 3* I feel the need to emblem…


I forgot I got one! :open_mouth:


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I have a bunch of emblemed 3* at level 20 or close to it. Great for raid tournaments and events, extra survivability.

I’m got emblems spread out over 3/4/5* heroes, I’m not a fan of focusing all on 5*. IMO any A grade 3* is worth emblems.

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Very nice one ! You Focus on health?

Can you show us some of them ? I would like to see the final outcome for some 3*

I have added the grid for you in the same post might have to crop the pic better i guess :smiley:

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Here’s the ones I deemed worthy.

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I use her often on tournaments and challenges.

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I’ve Belith at +20 as well, as I’m still looking for Melendor, who’s just as elusive as his look-a-like Gandalf. I have an untrained Sabrina, but too many other good purples waiting in line.

I have 3 +20 3 stars. Brienne, Mnesseus, and Gill-Ra. And I have not regretted it. Hawkmoon is about to join that club in 7 more emblems. I will post the three when I get up later this morning.

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I have Melia and Brienne +20.

Brienne with costume is a monster, I take her to 10* blue titans and fire her special right away with potions.

Edit: going back to my rosters, I found Jahangir and Hisan +20, Valen + 17 (give me half an hour for the remaining +3), and a few others in different levels.

Definitely it’s worth it to emblem 3*, since they will improve your performance in events and tournaments, giving you the chance to get more emblems for your epic and legendary heroes.


@Aunty_Krauser @Sernarok

Please if you dont mind when you have a little of time id like to see those 3*

Look how Hisan attack grows to 4-5* levels…

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I want Hisan! Hes a beast.

Did you go full atk path?

I have four emblemed 3*:

Gunnar (20, full def-HP)
Costumed Gunnar (20, full atk-def) - yeah, two 20 Gunnars.
Costumed Brienne (20, full atk-def)
Melia (17, atk-def).

My one and only emblemed 3*, but considering Hawkmoon w/ costume… after I’ve tried her out more.

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