Show Me Your Animals

How about a team of animal heroes only? This is what I have:

lion - monkey - lizard - chameleon - bat

What is your “animal team”?

Maybe this could even be a new tournament rule?

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Does ursena count? Or is she too person like?

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Ummm what animal would Ursena be?

I think she’s an octopus or assumed she was…might be a squid…actually probly an alien…oh who the f knows…think that makes her a no


Haha. Yea, I am not sure if Ursena can be considered an animal hero. She’s more of a half human to me.

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Does it have to be rainbow?
Does it have to be maxed heroes?

I got so excited thinking we have a new pet thread :persevere:


If you compare Ariel vs Ursena… Ursena is an octopus :crazy_face:

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No to both questions.

I personally would never max Agwe lol.

U feed em and force em to ummm “play” with others, think that makes em pets of some sort…

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Well, you can imagine that you have a pet… guardian bat. lol


Green Animal:


I think would be my best…tried to go rainbow as much as i could

If the guardians dont count well I’m screwed lol

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I could have put in lepus…forgot about the rabbits

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3* animal team. I have a 4* and 5* too

Nice team! Guardians are definitely animals.

A Centaur is half animal anyway…lol


I wasnt sure bout ranvir so he didnt make the cut

Btw anyone figured out if a dwarf team is possible yet?

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