Show me the Raiding Army that defeated my Defense Team


While I can retaliate against someone who raided me with a Revenge Attack, this only shows their defense team, and does not show me the heroes/lineup used to defeat my raid defense team.

It would be really informative if I could examine the raiding party’s heroes and formation. This would allow me to observe weaknesses and vulnerabilities on my side.

Could we possibly include a screenshot of the raiding team in the raid results page?


It actually should not be much of an effort to show a “replay”.
Besides making raids (being raided) and AW much more attractive, this would maybe also silence some of the "oh they had to be cheating to beat me"s.


I don’t have a strong opinion on seeing the attacking team or not but I would love to see fewer ‘I shouldn’t be beaten, why do I lose cups’ threads…


Well, and don’t forget the possibility to then also be able to follow your aliance comrades fights in AW.
If then even the matching is good and the fight thus rather close, then that might even make you forget the loot waiting for the winner.


Indeed. I think all they would need to store server-side is the attack/defense teams, the RNG seed value used for the battle, and the list of the attacker’s actions. Everything else about the replay should be able to be recreated client-side from that information.


Exactly. You could even save all the RNG results instead of the seed. Nowadays that wouldn’t change much, neither in storage, nor in bandwidth.