Show infos

Hi, it would be nice to display some infos on battle field, allience member list, city map,… without need to click on any player/building…

For ex. on battle field I have to click on each player to find out players team power (to decide which I will attack) and number of its remaining attacks. The same in my alliance - which player just attack somebody and how many times. It shoudl be displayed directly.

Same thing is in alliance member list - show players defense team power.

In town map show number of just produced food/iron,…that I can move to storages.

In forge there could be displayed on the first list of all items, how many of each item could I produce (with current amount of food, iron and necessary materials I have)…

And many more…

Move all possible produced things button to storages should be also nice function.

All of these clicks are waste of time and annoying, I thing for most of the players.

Many thanks

I also think it would be helpful to have a small number ratio on the bottom of the “Heroes” roster menu selector so you don’t have to go in to find out if you have space available before you go questing or farming… something like 45/55 if you have ten spaces open to hold heroes, just small and underneath the tab. All the buildings have numbers, why not show this info on the outside?

Since ideas in this section get voted on, it would be helpful to post one idea per thread, so as not to dilute your potential votes. :slight_smile:

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