Show attack teams of enemy raids & enable training raids against my own defense

In games like these, I love optimizing. I want the best possible defense and the best possible offense I can do. I guess it’s the same for many tactics games players.

  1. I have lots of ways to test my offense teams, but the only way to find out if my defense works well is looking at who raided me. Sad thing? I only can see their defense team, but the important information would be to show the team of heroes and troops that the player attacked me with. This should be easily programmable and will satisfy strategists like me a lot.

  2. What would be even better would be the option to attack my own defense, without spending raid energy and without getting any loot of course. This would make me play that game MUCH MORE. It could be full done client-side and therefore not stress servers at all.

EDIT (inspired from another thread mentioned below):
3) If 2) is done, it’s only a small step to be able to make training attacks on alliance mates, in order to a) test their defense to be able to give them advice and b) try against different setups to test your own attack teams.

What do you other people say to this?

Word. It would be very educational to be able to play with yourself.

That came out wrong…or did it? :joy:


I think this is a good idea.

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I like these ideas. I was proposing something like that in the other thread.

I guess if you like the idea, vote for it. Hope we can catch their staff’s eye with this, as this is one of the few ideas that should be easy to implement for SG’s programmers, and not power up players or hinder anyone from buying stuff.

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Hallo Akku,

maybe it is better to merge the threads to get more votes?


This forum is for game ideas so I guess this thread is good where it is, and in the other thread, the idea was a bit off topic. But I edited the first post to include the idea about making training attacks at other alliance members.

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Moin @Akku,

no Problem :wink:

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I really wish they would show the persons attacking team in raids and wars so we can have some way of knowing how our teams are holding up against other heroes or at the least show the team power of attacking teams.

In the right hand corner of wars where they show who attacks who would be a good place to show that info.


Who looks at individual cup losses and resource losses in the watchtower?

I’d rather see the opponents’ raid team.

Make the team strength relevant! I cant tell you how many raids I’ve done against inferior teams and lost! 200-400 points less and im dead without even injuring the opponent! ■■■■■■■ unrealistic and a waste of time!

You definitely need to read this:

Team power doesn’t mean a lot, but lineup is everything!

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This is an amazing idea and should definitely be added to the game.

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