Show an Icon on Challenge Event Stages that had a bonus chest

It would make things easier if a little icon was placed next to a stage where you received the bonus.

What bonus are you talking about?

Guess a bonus chest?
But you can get a bonus chest and yet not your best high score…
Or you can have 2 chests in a run… So not really seeing the point…

Yes the chest. Yes you can better a score without it but it’s much harder to do. Just wanting to avoid wasting time and energy

Pretty nice idea, we could also ask SG to mark the summon portal with an icon with stars of the arriving hero, just to make sure that you don’t waste any gems, money or summon tokens…

Is that sarcasm? Sounds like sarcasm to me. Pretty sure about it.

The bonus mystery chest can appear in any random stage of any three of the tiers, there is no particular stage that spawns it with certainty, just like the orichalcum seadragons in AR. If you replay any level enough number of times you will definitely get one mysterious chest at some point.

I tried my best…

Wasn’t really sure if the opening post of this thread wasn’t sarcasm too.

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Ok not what I meant. I would like it to show an icon once you get one of the rare creatures in a particular stage. So if you are playing rare stage 7 you know you got the bonus there already. While it is possible to beat a score without the rare bonus it is far less likely. Anyway guess it was a bad idea. Sorry.

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