Show all active bonus stats on the hero selection screen

I would like to be able to visibly see the actual stats of a hero with costume and family bonuses etc on the hero selection screen instead of just the % increase. I understand one could do the math but currently I take screenshots during a raid after I click on one of my heroes just to see how much my attack/def/hp has increased with various stat bonuses. I would like to be able to see this as I am trying to decide between different heroes when I select a team. Doing the math every time I go up a level or select a hero seems too much of a chore lol

Costume reflects the stat increases in the hero screen and team editing screen

Family bonus issue is probly coding how many heroes of a family are in a given team which would just be 1 more implementation that could be regularly bugged

Troops is the 1 i always i thought should be a given but what do i know


Yes, I agree with the troops idea. That would be great as well. I see the stats of a costume but all I see for the costume bonus percentages is just the percent when I click on the little mask icon. Unless I am just missing it somewhere, I don’t see what those % actually translate to included in with the hero current base stats for it’s corresponding level.

It doesnt show the increase per say

It just automatically includes it in the heroes stats

It shows the sums but not the process if that makes sense

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Ahh ok gotcha. I wasn’t aware that it was reflected in the stats shown. Thanks for the info

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