Shout out to the devs


Thank you for bringing back decent completion loot for the event tiers! :star_struck:


Agreed! Completion loot looks way better this event compared to last.


Yes, I am happier this time.


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Guys and gals - this is the same loot from the original pirates, I am almost 100% certain. The ‘winner’ loot is poorer compared to Avalon in particular, but the completion loot for this and Guardians is really solid. Just want to clarify that I don’t think they changed anything ‘back,’ they just left it as is.


Thanks for an event that I can beat… :grin:


Thinking of the Dev planning session prior to Avalon…

DevA: Hey, I’ve got an idea… let’s make an event that’s guaranteed to create frustration.
DevB: Yeh - AND we’ll make it for rubbish completion rewards. That’ll really make 'em feel like they’ve had to work for it.
DevA: But won’t they hate us then?
DevB: Maybe… So I have a plan.
DevA: ?
DevB: We just bring back a previous event (even if many complained about it not having sufficient rewards…)
DevA: I get it. After this one, they’ll love it and thank us for the generous rewards!
DevB: Spot on.
DevA: Let’s do it.

Not that I’m complaining mind - will take a Pirates and its rewards over an Avalon any day of the week.
Just a whimsical thought, that’s all.

What’s with the challenge rewards?


ROFL :rofl:


I love your mental dialogue journeys… :grin: