Shout out to Petri & SG team

They have been juggling all of the regular features, as well as new ones like Tourneys and Talent quests.

Today’s introduction of the new buildings and upgrades was well handled, and fast. The moaners have had their say, but seriously… you had to wait how long? Get a grip on how many plates re being spun on the ends of sticks atm

I really appreciate the calm and methodical approach shown today.

Thanks SG. And cheers to @Petri for the regular updates.

Now… SH21 underway!


Yup, great job indeed. Sh21 is now on the way. Very excited about the new buildings.

Btw, did they reduce the build times? According to one of the beta threads the Sh21 upgrade was supposed to be 8d12h, but the upgrade showed 8d1hr. If they did decrease the build times that would be even more awesome. :slight_smile:


Lol. I’m impressed u even noticed the difference! I just closed my eyes and smushed the ‘upgrade’ button as soon as I could

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Yes, the building times were reduced:


Good job SG! Everything works fine and I am old enough to be patient.
But unfortunately others not…


Is there anything i can build in the meantime with the second builder (Before upgrade all building was done)?

Nope, if all is maxed u need to wait 8 days

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Sorry but I don’t your question. If you got VIP you can always build two buildings at the same time, whenever you got the resources to do so.
If you got stronghold on 20 and got a second builder left, you can upgrade SH to 21 with the needed iron. This got no influence on the other builder taht is still left. You can use it on other buildings as usual.

Except when all other buildings are maxed, there is nothing you can upgrade until after SH is at level 21. So the second builder is indeed useless for 8d1h (as it was prior to the unlocked update today, along with the first builder since the moment all buildings had been maxed).


Now I got Whitey…thanks!

Nope nope nope NO kudos, especially to Petri, until I get my custom avatar!!! And I don’t mean the Hanky emoji either…

Otherwise, job well done!




I’ll add my appreciation for the clarifications and updates from @Petri as well. A lot of player’s frustrations can be dealt with just by a response from staff.


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