Shout out to our Veterans of old

I don’t know if there is a topic on this already but I’m curious to know what happened to all the veterans on here

eg @thrashina @mai @SolemnWolf

Apologies - this is not an exhaustive “Who’s who?” list obviously, and I’m bound to miss several key contributors and legends of old

I used these forums for some time before I decided to join.

From my perspective, our veterans are the heroes who laid a solid foundation for all of us and I’m grateful for their posts - many of which stand the test of time (granted, this game hasn’t been alive for a long time, but it’s all relative)


Haven’t seen them around lately (as far as I can see) but here’s a shout out to all our E and P vets.

I hope they are well and I look forward to seeing them around if they make a reappearance


Looks like @thrashina is still around and providing insights :slight_smile:

@Mai and @SolemnWolf haven’t been active on the forum recently, according to their profiles. :disappointed:

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i’d like to say thank you to the vetrans also. the game is growing because of you guys and im glad to be a part of it.

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Oh dear completely missed that, thanks @zephyr1 and apologies

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Thanks for the shout out and Happy New Year!

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