Shout out to design team at SG

I love the atmosphere you have created with the Halloween seasonal event!

It’s such a pleasure to return to homebase. It looks appropriately spooky, but also pleasing to the eye. A welcoming space. That balance is not easy to achieve.

Love it and thank you.


I also liked the design of Victor and Vlad. Valeria seem like recycling but the base environment feels awesome

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I’m not really into halloween, so the spookiness of the base is meh; however, it’s also not annoying or overly done, so i can enjoy the fact that others are enjoying the holiday. As you said, that balance is NOT easy to achieve. Good job SG!

I hope they do the same for Christmas and easter!


The villagers are now zombies. The birds are bats. Nice touches


The 5 elemental flags (green,red,blue, yellow, purple) on the keep have all been replaced with purple flags.

Villager zombies don’t wave, just blank stare at you when clicked.

Huge shout out to the music composer for the Halloween levels! Very Halloween themed and catchy!

The vampire mechanics for the heroes stealing a % of healing done is a great touch! My only regret is that unlike grimforest or pirate events, this will only be once a year so you won’t see a ton if these heroes like the rotating event heroes.


I LOVE the bouncing pumpkins … I really miss the beach balls, so this was a nice touch.


I like to think of them as smashing pumpkins

I don’t even celebrate Halloween but I think this theme is awesome, music, visuals and everything. My favorites are definitely this and the winter event.

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I don’t think the band would think Bouncing Pumpkins would have the same ring :joy:

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Lol. Agree. Maybe the compromise is ‘Almost Smashing Pumpkins’ or ‘Pumpkins that may very well Smash if you bounce them Enough’

They’ve set a great baseline to build on for next year that’s for sure. My only (small) complaint is that three seasonal heroes across two weeks seems light on?