Shouldn't the battlefield reset at 12th hour?

Isn’t the battlefield supposed to reset at 12th hour.

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Aghhh… Only if all the opponents have been defeated does the battlefield reset. You do however get your extea 3 flags to use though at the 12hr mark.


Battlefield only resets when you defeat the last team. The 12 hour mark gives you 3 more flags


The Battlefield should reset after the last team is defeated. But today, it did not. Anyone else not seeing the battlefield refresh when the last enemy team is defeated?

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Do you have a screenshot of this @DJKell ?

I did encounter a momentary “pause” after a one shot kill. The enemy was defeated on the battlefield but the points weren’t allocated. It took a minute for the hit to register. Did this happen to you as well maybe?

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Firstly, I’m not sure if a screen shot would help clarify. Secondly, I think a screenshot of the attack feed might be more helpful.

Typically, we save one enemy team for the last couple of hours of the alliance war and reset the battlefield for a final push. That usually works well and we squeak out a few decisive points. In the current war, we had one enemy team left to defeat, but when it was finished off, there was no reset. Thinking that we missed a team, I went back through the attack feed looking for anyone not accounted for. Every enemy team was either currently dead or had been knocked out in the previous round. There were only 4 enemy teams still standing anyway. Unless there is some mechanic at work here that I don’t understand, it appears that we did not get the reset.

Now, we are going to win the war anyway… but I’m concerned that either we messed up in our logic or the game is having an issue.

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Most strange… Hope someone else can shed light on this.

They probably respawned while you were waiting.

They never did… I waited the remaining 4 hours to see if it would happen but we ended without the reset. There’s a new war coming up, so I’ll be documenting every kill very carefully to see if it happens again. Or, hopefully, doesn’t happen again.

Hmm… perhaps a slight misunderstanding on how the reset works? The enemy teams all have to be defeated at the same time. If there were four teams left standing, they would have to be beaten again, regardless of if your alliance had taken them out earlier in the war. It’s not necessarily a reset once every team has been defeated, the reset comes when there are currently no teams left on the field.

If that’s no help to you, then I’m afraid I don’t quite understand the issue. :sweat_smile:

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That actually makes sense. I was sure that I had seen a reset once each team had been defeated once. I may have misread Hazard’s war notes regarding rolling resets… or there is some additional nuance to the mechanics.

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As far as I know, that’s all there is to it. If a previously beaten team respawns before you can defeat the remaining teams, you’ve gotta beat them again. Once the field is clear of all enemies, they’ll reset! :blush:

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