Should you've banned from the alliance chat?

I have been banned from the chat which means that noone is ever able to receive my messages, But shouldn’t you still be able to communicate with your alliance? If I ever offended my alliance members, I could be just simply kicked out of the alliance and never be welcome there again, But no, Instead you can’t chat with them! Why? If you “Spamm” In the global chat, should you really be punished from it by making you unable to communicate with your alliance? I had contacted the staff to be able to get my ability to chat back, But no, I didn’t get it. Allrigth. If you can’t give me one more chance, Maybe I dont need to. I could make new accoubts to apply to my alliance with the older account, So the new account could work as a mouth to me. And since an account is free I could make a new one as soon as the previous one will get banned from the chat.

In my opinion you shouldn’t.

With the very limited amount of bans they give in general you clearly have been spamming a lot, and people have almost certainly told you not to (apart from the message that is showing everytime you open chat).

Sucks that you can’t use alliance chat, but it is completely justified that you got a complete chat ban. If you wanted subtlety you maybe should’ve been more subtle yourself :slight_smile:

I’d recommend using an outside chat app for alliance messages, most of the alliances are on line or discord - you can’t be banned there.


I Would not use new accounts to continuesly get banned, But How am I supposed to get them in discord if Im not able to chat or shouldn’t make new account to act ad a mouth? Should I wait for them to randomly post a discord link in the chat, Which propably would not happen because of the simple fact that they propably don’t use Discord?

Or Should I just regret that I got banned from the chat for posting a message in global with character spamm once every ten minutes? Why should I?

I am sure you heard of the old saying” if you play with fire, eventually you will get burnt.” Well it seems you did just that, you went too far in your actions and you did so voluntarily with malicious intent. What you were doing wasn’t helpful to anyone in anyway. You knew what you were doing was improper and wrong and against the rules. Only you know why you performed those actions.

SG chose a action based on numerous complaints and flags received. What did you think would happen? Instead of being on here complaining openly trying to get your way with a temper tantrum, you should be writing a apology to SG and to all those you offended. That would be the mature and courteous thing to do.

Take this minor thing and learn a lesson in life. Tend to your burns in a mature way but in a dignified manner. Good luck.


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