Should we tolerate insults ..?!

It is unacceptable that insults and mockery be displayed on the alliance panels during alliance wars. I do not even understand why we are not allowed to report suspicious postings on these signs.! Screenshot_20190223-222757_Empires

Since the beginning of the fighting, it is the 4th message of this style that we read.

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Anyone’s able to understand suomi?

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I see nothing wrong with a little war smack talk. If you don’t like it don’t read it is how I feel about it. I am an American though so I’m born and raised to accept free speech.


Google translate says: “Break the mold (or template)! Thou, I have to warn you, Mukkuhill is master of the toilet paper roll holder!”

Is there some hidden meaning in that which I’m missing? It looks basically like a bit of silliness to my eye…


This seems to be that alliance’s standard war banner message…you are not the first that has expressed concern…the best I can tell is it has something to do with using the other team as toilet paper.

But there are all kinds of people here, just like the real world. You can’t dictate manners, character, sportsmanship or anything else be it good or bad.

Just do your best, take the high road and do some butt-wiping of your own!

Thank goodness we haven’t run into this much in the alliances I have been in…….many times it is “Hello, nice to meet you! Good Luck!” And we respond in kind.

The current opponent simply says “Open Fire!” in their language…I’m fine with that too…right back atcha!

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I’m not sure how old you are - maybe you just haven’t realized - but that is just life.
People all the time will say and do things you don’t like. Learn to deal with it in the best way for yourself personally, complaining won’t get you anywhere.


‘Finese’ are mostly kinda crazy with a soft core. Never mind and keep smiling…

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And here?

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Toiletpaperkings would be a freaky ally name.

Imho there’s nothing to complain about.

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Not sure why you are posting this? I don’t see the issue, actually it’s kinda funny…


Time to grow some thicker skin.


You absolutely can report this, but the Forum isn’t the right spot for it.

You need to contact Support directly:


It’s just Säbelrasseln. Like boxers or wrestlers before fight.

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Really?:joy::joy::joy: You are so wrong! you Really do not understand what they are saying. Google translator cant speak finnish!

Sticks and stones…words are words. A little banter is fine. It actually gives a good idea who you are pkying. The maturity of the other side always shines bright! So tired of people complaining about this stuff.
Once again, I believe in free speech…
Ignore it! Lol.
That being said, I wish good luck can find you all!


Enlighten us then please (if it’s possible to do so in a family-friendly way).

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Words could also be swords…

But if these are worth flagging?
Probably not.

“Words could also be swords” With much respect,
only when something else is added.

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Words doesn’t hurt you physically, but they could hurt.


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