Should we sue small giants? They are falsely advertising the legend summons!

As an active player I can´t overlook the discrepancy on the odds. I mean you small giants advertise that ¨The legends summon has an increased chance for legendary Heroes¨ and I cant stop comparing the odds with the epic and elemental summon and the math isn´t right for me. So one of two, or you made a mistake or you guys are just lying to us in our face.

Therefore you should correct it or as I´m sure all the players prefer that you fix the odds on the legends summon.



Can you show me where they have said this?

Generally agree with the proposition that SG are selling us snake oil but I can’t find this?


Do you see the pictures that I upload? Is right there (kunchen picture)


Yes I see it now!

My probability math is being put to the test but it looks like you are right, I can’t see how the Legends portal gives a higher probability of any particular legend. I’m sure someone eg Guv is going to take us through the calcs…


I can´t wait to see that!

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Epic Hero Summon

1.5 + 1.3 = 2.8%


2.5 + 1.3 = 3.8%


2.5 + 0.1 = 2.6%

Is that the math?


Preface this whole post with this previso:

I personally do not agree with this as a business practice; Its not ethical IMO & should really be changed…

I looked at the pictures you uploaded & also went & double checked in game.

I Believe the text you are referring to is found in the Tooltip (“legends details button”)

The Legends Summons features past heroes of the month.

The Legends Summon has an increased chance for Legendary Heroes

Past Heroes of the Month are included in Legends Summon when 12 months have passed since their original release

I agree that it is really misleading & should probably be changed but in terms of “sueing” I believe their legal loop hole is that they don’t stipulate what the specifics are of the “increased odds”… Not what they are specifically comparing nor what they are comparing it to…

If you compare the straight total 5* hero odds, the Legends Portal does rank wayyyy down the bottom:

  • Atlantis = 3.8%
  • Valhalla = 3.8%
  • Challenge Event = 3.8%
  • Seasonals = 3.8%
  • Elemental Portal = 3.8%
  • Normal “Epic Hero Summons” = 2.8%
  • Legends Portal = 2.6%

BUT if you compare the “chance of getting an old Hero of the Month” there isn’t actually ANY other spot where you can summon them anymore… Heroes like Hel or Gravemaker cannot be summoned anymore… So at a guess I would say that would be their ■■■■■■ cheap-■■■ legal loop-hole they would use…

In terms of probability @FrenziedEye, it lines up with the odds; so at lower odds there is lower probability. Higher odds = higher probability.

The only other place that compares for “getting old heroes of the month” is HA10 which has a 5% chance for any non-S1 5* hero. Available in that pool are 25x Old HotM & 25x S2 or Event Heroes which brings it down to a 2.5% chance for an Old HotM; which IS higher odds than the Legends Portal… but isn’t a summons portal so not sure that it could be compared in a legal standing.


I guess the argument is, no matter what you compare it to, there are no increased odds of legendary heroes


Their argument I guess would be that the hero of the month bonus summons is not actually the summons you’re making, therefore not included in the odds giving:

  • Atlantis = 2.5%
  • Valhalla = 2.5%
  • Challenge Event = 2.5%
  • Seasonals = 2.5%
  • Elemental Portal = 2.5%
  • Normal “Epic Hero Summons” = 1.5%
  • Legends Portal = 2.6%

I think that this is questionable, but I think enough of a grey area to mean that they can claim they are telling the truth


I feel that their argument is that compared to the odds of getting a S1 5 star, the odds of getting any of the older HOTM-s is more. This is not the case in the other portals (where the odds of summoning a S1 5 star is more than the event 5 stars), hence the increased chance for legendary heroes. At least that’s what I am able to deduce.

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I think you get my idea, I dont see the increased odds, thats my point…


But thats not a valid argument for me because can you summon Tarlak anywhere else that in the Atlantis portal?

So the point that you can not summon gravemaker anymore is not true: yes you can, is in the Legends portal and the advertise that we get an increased chance to get a legendary hero in that specific portal and that is basicly a lie.

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It’s an argument they would certainly make (thank you for pointing it out) but it is an artificial perspective because when players make a decision as to which portal to summon from they consider the totality of the odds offered, including any bonus HOTM.

To omit the odds for the bonus HOTM is disingenuous when using the phrase “increased chance for legendary heroes”. It does not reflect reality or indeed their business model which is designed to entice people to pull for heroes based on the total odds of getting a hero they don’t already have.


As I said, I don’t agree with it personally… Was just saying that is probably the legal loop hole they would use…

That or as @EngOran said that the “bonus” hotm draw isn’t actually included in the portal odds but is an additional summon odds on top… (if you included it you would get 101.3% total odds). So by removing the 1.3% of the current HotM from all the other portals, the Legends Portal does actually come out on top…

As I said, don’t agree with it personally… Its the kind of technical legal bull-■■■■ I get annoyed at with normal advertising… “xyz MAY help reduce the symptoms of atheritis” or “taking xyz every day MAY help reduce the risk of cancer”…


Well removing the HotM from the other portals and going directly for the Heroe that you are sommoning it still get the last position if we compare with the epic and elemental summon portals:

Epic portal, Legendary Heroe: 1.5%
Elemental portal, Legendary Hero: 2.5%
Legends portal, Legendary Past HotM: 1.3%


Because I think is clear that we don´t go to the legends portal to summon classic heroes right?

Is this really that big of a concern for folks? Honest question - feel like there are a million better things energy could be expended on towards improvement of the game.


By that logic, the secret bonus hero draw shouldn’t count either so it would just be tied with the others at 2.5%.

This is called puffery and totally legal


Not entirely sure how you went from

“removing the current HotM bonus draw because including it you get >100% odds”
e.g. event summons odds: S1 3* + S1 4* + S1 5* + E3* + E4* + E5* + HotM = 63.1+20.8+1.5+7.9+5.7+1.0+1.3 = 101.3%


“comparing only the things you are “aiming” to get from a portal”

But Ok… If you want to go down the route of “tangent” comparisons:

Looking ONLY at the “featured” hero of the portals:

  • Legends = 1.2% for past HotM (Myztero is a bonus draw so not included)
  • Seasonal = 1.5% for seasonal hero
  • Atlantis = 1.3% for featured hero (atlantis or past hotm)
  • Event = 1.0% for legendary event hero
  • Valhalla = 0.3% for featured hero
  • Epic = 1.5% (or 0%…)
  • Elemental = 2.5% (or 0%…)

Looking ONLY at the “non-Season 1” 5* heroes:

  • Valhalla = 1.6%
  • Atlantis = 1.6%
  • Seasonal = 1.5%
  • Legends = 1.2%
  • Event = 1%
  • Elemental = 0%
  • Epic Hero = 0%

So in either of those “tangent” comparisons, Legends portal has “increased” odds…

Again tho, I personally don’t agree with it as a marketing technique but from a legal standpoint I don’t think that you would win anything “sueing” them over this… That’s all.

Does this count as puffery? I thought that was for unverifiable claims (like “we have the best seafood in town!”) and not verifiable factual claims.

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