Should we as people with opinions Flag ANY FACTs for ANY reason?

The fact that a post can be flagged for being nothing more than a fact has led me to understand that ones feelings are more important than hard cold truth.

To celebrate this new trend I suggest, nay, demand that there be a new tab added to titan called safe room where players can go after titan hits go wrong and hug teddy bears.

Also, please add a tab to summon portal called cry room so I can go bawl after not getting Captian Awesome 5* etc.

Thank you.

20 opinions 0 facts


If you choose to highlight the “facts” that are least productive to a game (i.e. There are bad people in this game, if you don’t like it, you should quit), then obviously people are going to object. Other people in the thread you are referring to have provided useful input to find positive groups, which are plentiful in this game.

I don’t see how failing to provide productive insight on a topic while being hurtful should not be flagged based on the view that it is a fact.

Just my opinion.


@milamber do yourself a BIG favor and STOP talking about getting flagged, you can also be flagged for that. It is against the “rules” to talk about a flag. Even if this makes NO sense at all.
You should probably just delete this thread now. I will fix the heading.


If that headline dont work for you I will change it back. Just trying to make it safe I hope. But I would DELETE the whole thing.

What are flags? Never heard of em


They’re forum souvenirs only the most grizzled veterans acquire.


And mostly too often for sure.

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There are rules, so as long as you abide by them you’ll avoid flags. So what got you flagged and all riled up?

Also it’s cold hard facts man. Change it lol


@JLB_ep That is NOT so true about the rules. Anyone can flag you for anything they want.

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Well I guess they can but the mods still review it so a petty flag doesn’t really hold weight. I think that’s how it works.


Can we flag flags?

Wonder if the mods put on referee costumes before logging into the forum, think it should be required by SG personally

That’ll be a vicious circle

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I don’t know about flagging flags but I know there’s a auto-flag feature…when I go to tag @Rigs it asks flag rigs

I am kidding that doesn’t exist

Jesting aside and to put the conversation back on topic, there are irreverent means to state facts, which can result in being flagged despite the statement being objectively true.

Opinions shouldn’t supersede facts but you don’t have to be a tool about laying brutal truths to others, especially since the delivery can just incite more derogatory responses and the whole thing devolves into a useless pissing match.

Edit: also you can be a tool about it…the possible ramification being the fact you may get flagged.


Your facts have hurt my feelings.

Therefore I reserve the right to flag all of you.

My feelings are further hurt by the fact that this post doesnt even have my original title as somebody else decided to change it.

This is grammatical bullying.

You get a flag.

The only thing I understood in this whole thread was the suggestion for a room to go to so I can hug teddy bears.

I really love teddy bears!


20 flags 0 common sense

Lol princess youre cool


Can always opt out of usin the forum…

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Please do not abuse the flag function!

I’ll be closing this topic as it seems to be off-topic.


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