Should Ursena debuff Ludwig and Vivica?

Fighting Ursena on normal difficulty with Ludwig in middle, Devana on his left and Vivica on his right. Fire Ludwig’s special and after two turns Ursena’s special goes off and debuffs Ludwig and Vivica but not Devana, she kept the mana boost. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

One of Devana’s innate ability is resisting debuffs.

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Ursena doesn’t debuff anyone…?

Or are you meaning Ursena as the S2 mega boss? In which case Devana’s innate ability kicks in which prevents her from being debuffed.

{the second passive}


Yes as the S2 mega boss. Is she supposed to debuff in that scenario? I didn’t see it in her stats

It’s in the stage properties for that one.


It debuff everything every 5 turns if I remember correctly. You can see the symbol on the top left, together with the count number.


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