Should Trophies affect Alliance rank?


This is intended to be an open discussion that is constructive and civil, in it’s nature.

My thoughts: As an Alliance leader, with an alliance approaching the Top 30 in rankings, I’m coming across players (in-house, and outside our alliance) that are purposely dropping trophies for one reason or another, to benefit from another part of the game.

I’m not sure the current ranking system is working correctly when alliance members are not seeing incentives to keep their trophy counts high (conversely, more incentive to lower them), outside of rankings. Ranks don’t mean much to some people, and there are plenty of strong players out there who have low trophies.

Trophies, as it’s currently designed, seems like a less-than-deal approach to Alliance rankings.


(PS. Potential Solution: Offer an XP boost, or item drop chance % boost as an incentive to maintain higher trophies.)

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I take it you mean they’re sandbagging so that they can quickly win their daily wanted mission of 40 heroes?


To be honest, I think the Trophies and the count of them has become too important to both the game and some Alliances.

While I understand the desire to be a top alliance, I believe the trophy and raid system is not set up correctly and could use some major tweaking. Just my opinion of course. :relaxed:


I think this is one of the few areas that I’m pretty happy with the game, the raids and trophies. But that’s just because, despite a bad string right after the patch, I’m doing well now.


I’m happy with the trophies and the raids, as well. And very much enjoy them. I’m not sure they should affect alliance rankings. It works great for player rankings. At that point, your choice to drop trophies or not drop, only affects you. I feel as though there could be different measurement standards for alliance rankings - more along the lines of Team Power and Titan success, without including Trophies. I feel it’s a part of the formula that may be better suited to be replaced with a different factor.


That gives me a good idea… maybe they should just be two separate rankings? Trophies and Titans? You can then have your pve and pvp alliances.


That’s an interesting idea. Although I’d liek to be able to both in both areas, if possible. It would be an interesting approach


It’s true: trophies are not thought of as a group possession.

What will happen if we disconnect trophies from alliances’ scores, though?


Trophies no they should not because many people jump from alliance to alliance like in my alliance i train new player and once they get over 1000 they are free to join higher up alliance there for taking their trophy with them so you see my allisnce is about training and having fun we do not care about trophy


You said it yourself:[quote=“Seven_Days_Departed, post:1, topic:901”]
As an Alliance leader

Then be one!

Threaten them with kicks or deranking if they “sandbagging” as @Penari said.

As for future tweaks and fixes - I give my vote for some kind of reward system to appear :slight_smile:


First there really should be an incentive (other than simply bragging rights) to rank up your alliance. If that’s the case then the trophy system would work just fine. As long as there is a solid reason to keep your trophy count as high as possible rather than sandbagging.

But what kind of reward would be appropriate to give an alliance rather than a gift to the highest ranked players? You could award Epic Tokens and Gems but I’d rather see those awards go to high ranked players.
Alliance reward ideas:

  • New exclusive dungeon for your alliance members.
  • Exclusive wanted chest for your alliance members.
  • New Alliance vs. Alliance wars?
  • New banner pictures exclusive to high ranked alliances, or banner trims.

Yeah, I play Marvel’s Contest of Champions as well and I’m borrowing some of these ideas from that game. Over there alliances are sorted into Tiers and I’m a bit vague on how they are ranked but it has something to do with your Alliance’s performance in exclusive Alliance Quests and each member of the alliance that participated in the quest gets loots at the end of that quest calendar.


@Sleven No. That is not a solution I’m interested in. It’s a game issue, not an alliance issue. Not hitting the Titan is an alliance issue. We climbed hundreds of ranks in two months by -not- treating people like that.


@Pyper Nice post. I believe that if we continue to give the devs new and profound ideas, they are more inclined to make changes. I like your ideas. Well, any ideas, actually. Finding ideas that are financially beneficial for them, will also help hold weight.


For an alliance to move up they must be leveling their heroes, thus killing stronger and stronger Titans, thus getting better and better loot, thus they attract better players and stronger players, rinse and repeat. To me it seems like there is already lots of reasons to rank up other than bragging rights.


What about basing alliance rank (at least partly) on the number* Titans they regularly kill? Or the number of the highest Titan they have ever killed? We then have a tiered system and people can choose an alliance partly on its capability.


I unfortunately believe the system is fundamentally flawed. Based on the feedback I’ve seen lately, the only “incentives” for anything are doing higher ranked damage to Titans. You will get better loot on a 4* with A+ damage (because they don’t hit hard, you can spend the whole match with damage increasing buffs and banners, run without healers) than you can with B or C damage on an 8* (that hit so hard an auto attack two shots a hero, so you need to run defense banners and bring healing potions and or healers). Since joining the one of the top Alliances with the best players in the world in it, I have yet to receive a single ascension item from Titans.

So there are literally incentives to be in a lower ranked Alliance.

@Petri I hope you don’t my mind tagging you in this. But if I’m wrong, please correct me. I feel this is a huge issue.


@RubiKinga If you can weigh in as well. I’d appreciate it. The reason I’m directing this at you and Petri is because I believe it’s an unintentional flaw that will greatly hurt the game’s community.

Top 150 players (my personal best is 54th in the world) are seemingly given incentives to leave top Alliances, find a tiny one, blow up an easy titan and get A+ loot every time.

This seemingly spits in the face of the only cooperative thing Alliances can work together on, and encourages selfish behavior.


A few days ago, I got an orb from being 8th place, tier V I think, B, on a 4*. For weeks we have been defeating 5* with no similar prize.

Now it could be I was lower on the list for the 5*, but what gets me is, this incentivizes players to go out and join lower-level alliances to seek prizes.

(Also, the players who work hardest for A rank on my alliance are not regularly being rewarded for their efforts.)

More on this soon…


I appreciate the feedback. I’ve asked for some clarification on loot transparency, and no luck so far.


Another player and I were discussing the rise of the Merc culture in the game, it’s causes, whether it was right (moral?), etc.

I want to go into this, but I want to give him the opportunity to post first…