Should these be cheaper

These special chests are not worth 200 gems. You only get a guarantee of 2 items which is unfair and I personally would be very upset if I only received the rucksacks and swords when I can make my own. Screenshot_2018-01-08-14-57-44


Like nearly everything in this game, these packs are overpriced. I have occasionally used them when I was short the last item for an ascension, and I have sometimes gotten what I need. But at $6 a throw, it’s rough. There is no way to accumulate that many gems just through gameplay (in any reasonable amount of time).


From what I’ve seen, the only people who regularly buy these type of packs are end-game players (i.e. who have a large contingent of 5* heroes already) who typically have a monthly spend budget and don’t need heroes anymore but need ascension mats. That being said, even if I was in that situation, I wouldn’t spend on those either.

Now the trainers tool pack on the other hand (the 250 gem one that has warm capes, hidden blades, and trap tools) I’ve found to be relatively good value if you need those items. buy all 10 for 2500 and I’ve gotten 4-6 capes, blades, trap tools +1-2 compasses (I did that 4 times and got 4, 5, 5, 6 of those items). Early on when I was building up my 4 star heroes I’d already acquired, those were much better value for me than a 10x pull for heroes. If you only bought gems on special deals, it worked out to about $15 in gems for those 4-6 ascension items + compasses, or $25 if you were buying the top end $99.99 for 10k gems.


I can understand why people may buy it for the particular item. What I was aiming at was it says that you only get 2 of the items shown and 400 gems for rucksacks and wooden swords is just far to over priced. I would be very upset if that was all they gave me. Perhaps they would be better removed and better ascention materials could be included. Hardly any of them are for 5 star hero’s final 2 ascends are they. I’ve noticed that you need a lot of chain mail shirts for 4 star hero’s so perhaps they could replace the wooden swords and the fine boots or fine gloves could replace the rucksacks or am I wrong and you get more than 2 of the items shown.

Everything in these packs other than the unfarmable mats is useless. Here’s how I view the pack above: two shots at a 10% chance of one of: darts, orb, gloves, compass. Is that worth $6?depends on how much you value advancement in the game, your level of patience, and your disposable income.


I think “unfairness” is a common issue when it comes to deals and offers. Yes, it’s a free game and no one is forcing you to buy anything and the creators need to make money blah blah but this doesn’t change the fact that many of the pay-for options are really unbalanced. I think high level players will be happy to pay a lot for a decent pack of guaranteed loot (let’s say it’s 1000 gems but you get guaranteed pack of high level ascesion mats). Same goes for cheap options. Cheap small packs of guaranteed gems/battle items/whatever could interest people who don’t spend money on this game at all (or low cost players like me).

So far the only “fair” offers are the gems pack during Challenge Events and some of the offers calendars (like the spring one we have right now).

Where you write “unfairness” you might wish to write “unattractiveness”. The offers you deem “unfair” are merely “unattractive” to you, I think.

Free/low cost players will end up with fully levelled 5* heroes over time as well, but it just takes them a whole lot (or whole huge big lot, depending on luck/activity) longer than “whales”. Is that “fair”? If not, then how “fair” is it that a free/low cost player can play essentially the same game as a “whale”?

For free/low cost players such as you and me, there’s stuff we won’t buy because it’s overpriced from our perspective. Others buy it, because for them it’s pocket change or whatever, that’s their prerogative. Once SG decides the turnover isn’t sufficient because of the price level, they’ll come up with a better offer.

So save your diamonds/pocket change, watch the offers like a hawk, and wait for the one you can’t refuse.

And when you spend your hard earnt cash, treat it like you would a drink in a bar, or if you’re splurging, treat it like a good meal. Yes, it would probably be 10 times cheaper in the supermarket, but not nearly as entertaining. Cheers!


For sure, for all items,gems… is overpriced. Even when you donate 66euro and got just one of 5*… same color, what you had already. That make me crazy. And i wanna delete or stop playing in this game.

No I definitely meant not worth it. Only 2 items which could be a wooden sword and rucksack. You pay 250 gems for that cos I ain’t.

Yup I never bought any pack at the shop that came with rng. I think these should be 10 times cheaper for me to even consider them. Maybe only the trainer hero one is something I used to consider, and bought once or twice when I was maxing my first team.

If 300 gems is the value of a 2.8% chance of pulling a 5* hero, is it reasonable for 600 gems to produce a 19% chance of pulling either darts, orb, gloves or compass (including a 1% chance of pulling two of those items)?

Sort of depends where you are in the game and what you need, doesn’t it? I would not spend gems to receive even guaranteed ascension materials, but I can appreciate that someone with a lot of gems accumulated and a desperate need for some or all of those items might find the offer irresistible.

Wait a minute… so this means that, for 600 gems, there is a chance that ALL you get are backpack and sword?

Yep. It’s a grab-bag. Click on the little “?” Icon for the odds.

This is so true… I got sucker in too trying for the darts. lost a crap load of Diamonds. Never again!

Wow. Then it really just feels like a trap… if it was 600 gems for guaranteed 2 items out of unfarmable materials, then it would be slightly better. but throwing in a bunch of 1* and 2* items is… just wrong… in my opinion at least

take for instance the 99$ super deal right now…yes has some good stuff in it but only 1 of something like rings or Damascus blades. Imo spending that much muny you should be getting enough materials to ascend a hero to the top.

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