Should there be a set rotation for war aid/boost, and should it include war without boost?

Would gameplay be better if wars had a set rotation for field aid, arrow barrage, and attack boost? Also wouldn’t that rotation benefit from the occasional war with no boost/aid?

I know many players who despise the field aid, and if they know every third or fourth war would have field aid then it would be easier for them to opt out.


They do, no? My observation is that it’s 2 of each, in rotation.

It should be every 5th/6th War, after two each of Attack Boost and Arrow Barrage.


Thanks for pointing that out zeph! I felt like it might be two of each, but it didn’t seem like the rotation was always the same. I’m sure your right.
I still think it would be nice to see a round with no aid/boost in the rotation. Just a straightforward war added to a set (and stated somewhere) rotation.

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I like the raid format, have a 3* War, Fast Mana, No Blues, etc…


Would it not be every 7th/8th?? adding in field aid… I am thinking what OP said about no aid

Yes, if there were the addition of Wars without any Enemy Aid, there would be two more Wars in the cycle, presumably.

I was answering the question of how often Field Aid is now, since the OP was mentioning that would allow people to opt out.

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Ok thats what I thought you was saying THANKS :slight_smile:

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I think that would be interesting, however it would require everyone to keep and level at least 30 3*s along with their regular lineups. There just isn’t enough troop space to reasonably do that in wars.

Adding more variety in general to war boosts is definitely along the lines of what I’m suggesting.

Yeah forgot about the six flag thing for a minute. Maybe remove an element tho, or set the bloodbath mode

Yes is 2x field aid > 2x attack boost > 2x arrow barrage…
At least for me…

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It’s the same for everyone :blush:

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